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What year did juan ponce de leon end his explore?


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in year of



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La Florida was named by Juan Ponce de Leon on 2 April 1513.

Juan Ponce de leon was born around 1460 but the exact date and year is unknown.

!508 is the year of his first official expedition, but there is strong evidence that he was exploring unofficially in the years 1506 and 07.

Juan Ponce de Leon explored Florida in 1513. However, he also sailed with Christopher Columbus in 1493.

Some people say it is 1513 but his full name is Juan Ponce de Leon

i don't think so yes there is a coin with juan ponce de leon, i have one the year of my coin is 1845 on the front is written juan pomce de leon with his face on, the back is written the state of florida

he died in 1591 from your mom siting on him!

he was born in 1474, no one knows exactly when. only the year.

He most likely had his first voyage in 1513, and his second voyage in 1521.

at year did ponce de leon become a solider

what year did ponce e leon become a soldier

juan ponce de leon, a spanish explorer, discovered Florida at Easter

Juan Ponce de Leon was sent by Spain to reach what is now the United States in 1513. He failed the mission, however he claimed present day Florida for Spain

Ponce De Leon died in the year of 1521.They do not know what day itself:( I am doing a report on Ponce De Leon.:))

Ponce de leon set sail in march of 1513

Juan Ponce de Leon is thought to have been 61 years old when he died in July 1521, having been born around 1460. But his birth year may have been as late as 1474, making him only about 47. There are no definitive sources for either date. The year 2010 might have been the 550th anniversary of his birth, or only the 536th.

Juan Ponce de Leon returned to Puerto Rico in October 19, 1513 in the ship Santiago. I hope I answered the question. Thanks :D It did thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!!!!!

Ponce de Leon sailed to Florida in 1513. I am not sure that Gama was part of his name.

Teresa Rodríguez Girón was the wife of explorer Juan Ponce de Leon. She was born in 1170 but the year of her death was never recorded.

Florida was founded in the year 1885 by Ponce de Leon.

It is generally given as 1508, but some historians say he made a secret trip there in 1506. He became Governor of Puerto Rico in 1509.

he died in 1521 from getting shot with a poisinous spear

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