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Americans were drafted into the Vietnam War in 1965.

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How young where the soldiers that where drafted in the Vietnam war?

Drafted 19 year old men could be found in Vietnam.

How many people were drafted into the Vietnam War?

About 700,000 or about 30 percent of those who served in Vietnam were drafted. This of course does not jive with the misconception that the Vietnam war was fought by draftees.

What year did they do the draft for Vietnam war?

From WWII to Vietnam...Elvis Presley was drafted in 1959.

Why were some people against the Vietnam war?

Some people were against the Vietnam War because young men were being drafted to fight in the war.

What were Vietnam War draft resistors?

people who resisted (didnt want to) get drafted.

Were people drafted even if there was not a war going on?

Men only, yes; until the end of the Vietnam War.

Reasons people become soldiers in the Vietnam War?

Some went in to fight communism, others were drafted and had no choice. Most were drafted by 1968.

How did the people being drafted to fight in the Vietnam War fell about the war generally?

we killed lots of people. and bombed them more and incinerated them with napalm

How long did you have to serve in the Vietnam War if you were drafted?

The Vietnam Era draft carried a six year commitment, that is those drafted served for six years or until the end of the conflict, whichever came first.

What is the Vietnam draft?

Being drafted (conscripted) into the military during the Vietnam War.

Why you should be against the Vietnam war?

Only if you have to be in it (drafted).

Did Elvis fight in the Vietnam War?

No He Wasn't In The Vietnam War However, he was drafted into the army and was stationed in Germany--but not during the Vietnam War or any other American war.

Why were people protesting the Vietnam war?

They didn't want to get drafted. Many people did not think the US belonged in Viet Nam.

What if the hippies supported the Vietnam War?

There were drafted hippies in the infantry in Vietnam; they were good men.

How are the civilians affected by the war of Vietnam?

Civilians were conscripted (drafted) to fight the war.

Why did protesters opposed the Vietnam War?

They didn't want to be drafted to fight the war.

Based on the Vietnam War how does it's conflict affect the people of the nation?

If they're drafted to fight in it, they're affected. If they're not drafted to fight in it, then they can watch it on television.

Can you get drafted to go to war?

Not as of now.. during Vietnam, for sure.

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