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Ponce De Leon did not discover Puerto Rico. It was Christopher Columbus who landed on the North Coast of the island during his second trip to the new world in 1493. Ponce De Leon was on one of the many ships that came with this second expedition. Fifthteen years later Ponce De Leon lead an expedition to the island and founded the first town calling it Caparra.

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Why was juan pone de leon famous?

Juan Pone de Leon was famous for discovering the state of Florida.

When did Pone De Leon look for the fountain of youth?

ponce de leon searched for the fountain of youth in 1539.

When was juan pone de leon born?

historians say he was possibly born in 1460

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When was Gundaris Pone born?

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When did Gundaris Pone die?

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What those pone mean in spanish?

Pone is a variation of Poner (to put) Depending on the context, pone can mean "you put" or "He/she/it put"

When was Pone Kingpetch born?

Pone Kingpetch was born on 1935-02-12.

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What items did Juan Ponce de Leon trade?

Juan Pone De Leon was a trader and the founder of Florida (first one to actually find America, didn't know he was there) but he traded things such as whisky, alcoholic beverages, clothing, and gold for ship supplies... (and more...)

How do you spell the word pone?

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The English translation for the Spanish phrase 'como se pone' is 'as is'

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The Spanish word 'pone' (pronounced PAWnay) = '(he/she/you) put(s)/place(s)'

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pone is bread made by Native Americans from flat cakes of cornmeal dough baked in ashes

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Pone (although it is more commonly called corn pone).

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