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What year did the American revolution begin?

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The American Revolution was fought between 1775-1783

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When did the American Industrial Revolution begin?


When did the American revolution begin and end?

The American war of independence (often called the American Revolution) began in 1765 and ended 1783

Where did American Revolution begin?

Boston tea party

What year did the Industrial Revolution begin?


What year did the scientific revolution begin?

In the 1500s

What year did the Iranian Revolution begin?

The Iranian or Islamic Revolution began in 1979.

What colony did the American revolution begin?

It began the colony of Massachusetts.

What year did the Mexico revolution war begin?


What year did the Romania Revolution begin?

In December 1989.

Was the declaration made after the American Revolution?

yes one year after the american revolution and that was in 1775 when the american revolution happened but in 1776 the decloration was signed

When did the townshend acts begin?

1767. Right before the American Revolution.

What year did war in French Revolution begin?

mid 1789

What year did the Industrial Revolution begin in England?

1700s ish

What role did writs of assistance play in the lead up to the American Revolution?

the writs of assistance played a major role in the american revolution because the americans didn't like begin charged with warrents and begin seached.

What year did the American Revolution began?


What year was the American Revolution?


What year was the American Revolution war?


What are some American Revolution words that begin with the letter X?

Xavier Cathedral

What state did the American Revolution begin?

The American Revolution is believed to have begun in the state of Massachusetts. This was where America wanted independence from the British government but the Britons would not allow it.

What happen in 1779 in the American Revolution?

When the American revoution is happen [ in which year].

In what year did water pollution begin?

Water pollution begin first during the industrial revolution in the 1800s.

What year did french revolution?

the French revolution started in 1789 after the English revolution and the American war of independence.

What year did the American Revolutionary begin?


What year had the American revolution started?

The revolution of the American Colonies against Great Britain began in 1775 and ended in 1783

What year did the American Revolution take place?

in the 1776