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According to the other question In what year did the Korean War start.

It started in 1950

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1. When was the Korean war (start-finish)?

In 1950 the korean war start and i don't kow where did korean war started. Sorry

North Korea invading South Korea led to the Korean war.

The Korean War started in 1951 and ended at 1953.

The Korean War started 25 June 1950 as a result of an invasion by North Korea .

china joined the Korean war on October 25th 1950

The Korean War started on June 25,1950 when the North Koreans invaded the South.

Nothing unusual because the korean war did not start until June 25, 1950

It was never declared a war, merely a 'conflict'or 'police action'

June 25th, 1950 when North Korean forces attacked South Korea

The Soviets tested their first A-Bomb in 1949; one year before the start of the Korean War (1950-1953).

June 25, 1950, when Soth Korea was attacked by North Korean forces.

I have no knowlege of Eisenhower doing anything to start the war, but he was elected President in 1952, and he was President when the war ended in 1953.

The Korean War was started on June 25, 1950. It ended on June 27,1953. This year (2012) is the 62th anniversary of this sad, sad war.

Heavy fighting ceased on July 27th, 1953 and was followed by armistice. So the Korean war has not ended, and in its place is an armistice.

4,702 US Army Servicemen age 19 and below were killed in the Korean War.

If by "Vietnam War" you meant the war in Vietnam that involved direct US combat forces then the year 1964 can be used as the year that war actually began. That was 11 years after the end of the Korean War in 1953.

It was on the Korean Peninsula. That's why it is called the Korean War.

Usually whenever you are planning on learning about the Cold War. Year ten/year eleven.

The Korean War started because the communist North invaded South Korea across the 38th parallel. This happened on June 15, 1950.

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