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What year did the Michael Jackson thriller start selling?


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it was released in 1983. REST IN PEACE Michael Jackson.

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If I remember correctly, Michael Jackson started grabbing his crotch in the Thriller video.

No. 1982 was the year thriller was released, but in 1979 he released Off the Wall.

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When Michael Jackson left to start a solo career.

In 1969, as part of the Jackson 5 Michael Jackson began his recording career in Detriot Michigan with Motown Records. 1979 was the start of his solo career.

Michael Jackson was singing in the year 1964 Michael Joseph Jackson was born in 1958 but started singing in 1963 when he was 5 years old

Michael Jackson was actually 5 years old. He sang in front of his Kindergarten class.

Unfortunately, he did not. Michael Jackson passed away before he could even start the final rehearsals.

Michael Jackson joined the Jackson 5 when he was 6. Here's why: He was born in 1958, and he started music and things in 1964. (The Jackson 5 was the 1st music stuff he did.)

Joe abused him when he was a child. Hitting him, whipping him with his belt. But Joe also did start the Jackson 5. Michael did not have a good relationship with his father

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