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What year did the Mormon Trail start?


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The Mormon Trail began in 1847.


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The Mormon Trail started in February 1846.

it started by john smith

Nauvoo, Illlinois is the start of the Mormon Trail.

The Mormon trail is the trail the Mormon pioneers took to have a better life.

Mormon Trail was created on 1978-11-10.

The Mormon trail and the organ trail

The Mormon Trail was the route, but it did travel on the Oregon trial too. :)

The Mormon Trail was in operation from 1846 to 1869, when the transcontinental railroad was completed.

Salt Lake City, Utah is considered the end of the Mormon trail.

Oregon Trail & California Trail.

the Mormon trail extends from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah

Because it was the trail that lead to Salt Lake City. The Oregon trail went to Oregon, the California trail went to California, and the Mormon Trail went to Utah.

Most of the travelers on the Mormon Trail were Mormon converts from the eastern United States and Europe.

The Mormon Trail was traveled by Mormon Pioneers from Illinois to Utah after they had been kicked out of Illinois. It was then traveled by Mormon converts from Europe and Canada as they immigrated to "Zion" (the Mormon settlements in Utah). The trail was mostly discontinued after the railroad reached Salt Lake City.

Because the Mormon Pioneers traveled on it.

It depends on the person, the year, and the location. A day in the life of a Mormon pioneer on the trail in 1848 was much different than a Mormon in Britain in 1890 or a Mormon in Ohio in 1831 or a Mormon in Utah in 1885.

The Mormon Pioneer trail lead from Missouri to Salt Lake City, Utah. It closely followed the Oregon Trail and the California Gold Rush trail.

The Mormon trail was used between 1845 and 1869, when the transcontinental railroad was completed and therefore the trail was no longer needed.

Approximately 70,000 Mormon Pioneers traveled the Mormon Trail between 1845 and 1869.

The Mormon Trail stopped being used shortly after the railroad reached Utah in 1869.

Most pioneers set off on the Mormon trail from either Illinois or Missouri.

The Mormon Trail - 1920 was released on: USA: November 1920

the answer is Mormon trail Santa Fe trail and the Old spanish trail

It was caused by One the Mormon extermination act in Missouri. Also, the Mormons were highly persecuted in the US. The trains had hundreds of people in them and those people had heavy wagons and after several wagon trains came by there was a trail

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