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Most of the travelers on the Mormon Trail were Mormon converts from the eastern United States and Europe.

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Q: Of the thousand of people who went east on the Mormon trail most were?
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When did the Mormon trail end?

The Mormon trail was used between 1846 and 1869. In 1869 the railroad from the east finally reached Salt Lake City, so many chose to travel that way instead.

What is the purpose morman trail?

The Mormon trail was the route taken by the Mormon pioneers in their exodus to find religious freedom. The traveled from the east and Midwest of the United States where they faced severe persecution until they found safety and freedom in the west.

What is the Mormons route there Iowa?

The Mormon Trail through Iowa went from Montrose in the east to Council Bluffs is the west.

When was East Inlet Trail created?

East Inlet Trail was created in 1934.

How long did it take to travel the Mormon trail?

How long it took to travel the Mormon Trail depended on how you were traveling. A man on a fast horse (such as a Pony Express rider) could travel the trail within just a few days. A small company in a fast carriage (this is the mode most Mormon Missionaries took to the East Coast) would take a couple of weeks at most. A large group with wagons would take a couple months, and walking or pulling your own handcart would take even longer.

Why did people choose to go on the Oregon trail?

this trail was highly used at the time and even had trading posts on the trail allowing for purchase of supplies. during this time people went on the trail to go west to escape there troubles in the east and looked to prosper in the west

What was the first cattle trail to go through Oklahoma?

East Shawnee Trail

Did the Oregon Trail allow people to travel from Mexico to Oregon?

Actually, no. The Oregon Trail was also known as the Oregon-California Trail that allowed farmers, settlers, and families to travel east to either Oregon or Northern California. The wagon trail that allowed cargo, freight, cattle, and settlers from the east to Mexico was the Santa Fe Trail, which traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico and then onto Mexico.

Who are the people that traveled westward on the Oregon trail to escape persecution in the east?

mormons I believe..

Why did people go on the Santa Fe trail?

They wanted religious freedom because they were being persecuted in the east.

Where is the Bridge To Nowhere Trail located?

The Bridge To Nowhere Trail is located on the East Fork of the San Gabriel River in Azusa, California, east of Los Angeles. The trail is considered to be of moderate difficulty.

What is the abbreviation for military trail?

military trail's abbrevation is that the people of east pakistan after the election of1970 they started military training against the people of west pakistan whem the government was not handed over to sheikh mujeeb!

What percentage of the US population is Morman?

Approximately 2% of Americans are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the 'Mormon' Church). The concentration of Mormons is much higher in the western US than in the east. For example, in Utah, about 60% of the population is Mormon. Arizona is 6% Mormon, Washington state is 4% Mormon, and Wyoming is 11% Mormon. Compare these numbers to east coast states, such as New Jersey (0.4% Mormon), New Hampshire (0.6% Mormon) and Alabama (0.7% Mormon).

What countries include siberia?

Siberia - is a vast geographical region in the north- eastern part of Eurasia , bounded from the west by the Ural Mountains, from the east by the Dividing Ridge near the Pacific Ocean, from the north by the Arctic Ocean , from the south by boundary of the neighboring states of Russia ( Kazakhstan, Mongolia , China). Siberia is divided into East and West Siberia. Siberia includes the following 29 Siberian cities, which have a population of over 100 thousand people . The largest of them : • Novosibirsk - 1 million 524 thousand people . • Omsk - 1 million 161 thousand people . • Krasnoyarsk - 1 million 16 thousand people . • Barnaul - 630 thousand people . • Tyumen - 657 thousand people . • Irkutsk - 606 thousand people . • Tomsk - 548 thousand people . • Novokuznetsk - 548 thousand people . • Kemerovo - 540 thousand people . • Ulan -Ude - 416 thousand people . • Chita - 331 thousand people . • Surgut - 327 thousand people . • Yakutsk - 287 thousand people . • Nizhnevartovsk - 264 thousand people . • Angarsk - 231 thousand people . • Bratsk - 241 thousand people . • Prokopevsk - 205 thousand people . • Bijsk - 205 thousand people .

What does trail mean?

In the early part the the history of the United States, there were no roads that lead from the English populated settlements in the East to the Western part of the country. When people wanted to travel west, they would need to cross fields, streams, mountains, and valleys with no path to follow. A trail is a path that is created by travel so that others may follow. When people speak of the Mormon trail, they are speaking of the journey and route the early saints had to take due to persecution and being driven from their homes. There were several groups that left at different times to seek safety and a place they could worship without fear. Some left late in the fall, and their trek was filled with enormous trials as they pulled their handcarts and wagons in the snow. The trail led the saints to the Salt Lake Valley. Other settlers followed the trail and continued to California looking for gold. The Mormon settlers created outposts along the trail so that weary travelers would be able to rest, and resupply.

Did the Trail of Tears go East or West?


What is the point on the trail that is farthest east?

Lubec, Maine

What is the steepest ski trail in the east?

The steepest ski slope in the east of the Alpes is harakiri in Mayrhofen.

Morman population in US?

As of January 2010, there were 6,058,907 baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) in the United States. This means that approximately 2% of Americans are Mormons. The concentration of Mormons is much higher in the western US than in the east. For example, in Utah, about 60% of the population is Mormon. Arizona is 6% Mormon, Washington state is 4% Mormon, and Wyoming is 11% Mormon. Compare these numbers to east coast states, such as New Jersey (0.4% Mormon), New Hampshire (0.6% Mormon) and Alabama (0.7% Mormon).

What was the trail of tears known as?

Unless I am mistaken, the trail of tears was the trail that the US Army forced the Native Americans to take when they were moving them to Oklahoma from the East Coast area.

How was the Oregon trail a part of the manifest destiny?

The Oregon Trail was part of the idea of Manifest Destiny because of the fact that Manifest Destiny was the idea that America should expand into the Western Territory. The Oregon Trail is people who are traveling from the East to the West, so it demonstrates Manifest Destiny very strongly because of the fact that people on the Oregon Trail were spreading out to the West, which was the idea of Manifest Destiny.

Why was the Oregon trail made?

the oregon trail was made so that traders from the east could get to the western areas of the united states or oregon

Where did the Indians go in the Trail of Tears?

The trail of tears led them from the east to Oklahoma, half of the Cherokee hid in the mountains and refused to leave.Tsali and his three sons were turned in and the people hiding got freedom and half the Cherokees went on boat also

Was there another purpose for the Chisholm Trail besides driving cattle?

It was a trail for wagons from the east to follow to come to the West into the gold rush of California.

How long did it take to travel the Mormon trail by handcart?

Most of the pioneer handcart companies took about 3 months to travel the trail from the Midwest to Utah. Many who used handcarts came from Europe and had already been traveling for a month or so, as they had to take a boat across the ocean to the east coast and then travel by train to their handcarts.

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