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The Last Quagga was seen in 1883

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Were did the Quagga live?

In Africa (where zerbras live )

What year did the quagga die out?

The Quagga became extinct in the year 1883 i dont know the exact date but i know the year.

What biome did the quagga live in?


What are two relatives of the quagga?

Two relatives of the quagga are the plains zebra and the wild horse. There has only been one picture taken of a live quagga.

What are the arguments against the quagga project?

The quagga created would be to overweight to live for more than 2 and a half years as the "quagga" has too much fat around its heart. also it is not a true quagga.

Where did the quagga live?

look some where else

How long does the quagga live for?

The quagga is an extinct type of zebra from Africa. It is not known exactly how long they could live, but it is thought to be around 20 years.

When did the Quagga live?

a Quagga is an extinct sub species of the Zebra.It used to be abundant in the southern part of Africa until about 1870.

What year did the quagga become extinct?

The last known living quagga died August 12, 1883 in the Amsterdam zoo.

What other names does the Quagga have?

The Quagga, Equus quagga quagga, is not anctually an individual species, but a subspecies of the Plains Zebra, Equus quagga.

What type of ecosystem does the quagga live in?

it lives up yours!

Where did the quagga used to live?

the quaggas used to live in the drier parts of South Africa

When Was The First Quagga Born?

The first quagga foal of the Quagga Project was born on December 9, 1988. The Quagga Project in South Africa is an effort to re-breed the extinct quagga.

What is the scientific name for quagga?

Equus quagga

Scientific name for quagga?

Equus quagga is

What is the ecological role of a quagga?

The quagga is a consumer.

Did the quagga live alone or travel in packs or groups?

i think it traveled in packs

Did the Quagga live in the Stone Age time?

Yes, and up to 1880 CE.

What is a scientific name for the Quagga?

The quagga was a subspecies of the plains zebra. The first part is the genus name, the second is the species name of the plains zebra, and the third is the subspecies name of the quagga. The scientific name is Equus quagga quagga.

What does quagga mean in Latin?

'Quagga' is not a word in Latin

How big was the quagga?

The height of a Quagga was 52 inches.

What animal was the quaaga closely related to quagga?

Since the Quagga was identified before the Plains Zebra the new classification is Equus Quagga and the Plains zebra (formerly Equus burchelli) is Equus Quagga Burchelli and therefore a subspecies of the quagga.

When did the quagga die out?

The quagga was a subspecies of zebra that was native to South Africa. The last quagga died in Amsterdam in 1883.

How heavy is a quagga?

A quagga weighed 500 to 700 pounds.

When did the quagga get extinct?

The last quagga died in 1883 in an Amsterdam Zoo.

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