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Q: What year did the University of Florida defeat the University of Georgia in Athens?
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Who did the University of Florida defeat for their first Orange Bowl victory?

The University of Florida's first Orange Bowl victory was January 2, 1967 over Georgia Tech by the score of 27-12.

Which team had the most points scored in a BCS game?

Nebraska in their defeat of the University of Florida.

Did the Athens defeat the Persians?


When did the Persians defeat Athens?

They did npt defeat Athens.

Did Athens defeat the Persian army?


How did Sparta defeat the Athens?

During the Peloponnesian war.

How did the Sparta defeat the Athens?

They had cake and Athens didn't. Ya can't beat da cake :D

Athens' Golden Age followed what event?

The Golden Age of Athens occurred after the Persian defeat at Salamis .

Who did the Athens and Spartans unite to defeat?

The Persians who was led by Xerxes .

Did Athens defeat Sparta in the Peloponnesian War?

After 27 years Athens, its fleet destroyed, was besieged and starved into surrender.

How many times did Athens beat Sparta in their battles?

Athens and Sparta did not fight each other in isolation. They fought as allies and as adversaries in various conflicts over a couple of hundred years. So Athens did not defeat Sparta or Sparta defeat Athens. They were involved in wider conflicts in the battles.

Why was the pelopennesian war bad for the winner and the loser The fighting led to the defeat of Athens and the weakening of all the Greek State's.?

The fighting led to the defeat of Athens and the weakining of all the Greek States

How did the Sparta and the Athens unite to defeat the Persians?

daa Sparta brought the soldiers ndd the Athens brought theirr navy (:

What were some of the fields of study in which Athens excelled during its Golden Age?

The Athens defeat of Sparta. This is one of the fields of study in which Athens excelled during its Golden Age.

What disaster awaited the forces of Athens during the Peloponnesian War?

Athens suffered a number of disasters: the plague, Syracuse, and the defeat of its fleet.

Why did Sparta and Athens team up?

Sparta and Athens teamed up to defeat their Persian enemies,even though they were bitter rivals.

When did sparta defeat athens?

404 BCE after the Athenian fleet was destroyed at Aigospotamai.

What enemy did Athens and Sparta work together to defeat?

Persia.The Persian Empire.

Where did Sparta defeat Athens?

The Spartans led the Peloponnesian League, which defeated Athens in the 27-year Peloponnesian War 431-404 BCE.

Did the Greeks defeat the invading Persian army in the battle of marathon?

It was Athens and its ally Plataia.

What war did Sparta defeat Athens?

thee Sparta's won daa Peloponnesian War .

What is the name of the spartan general led the Peloponnesian forces to the final defeat of Athens?


What battle did the Athenians defeat Darius and the Persian army saving Athens?

Battle of Marathon

Who did Sparta defeat in the Peloponesean War?

After 30 years they defeated a plague weakened Athens.

What two city state united to defeat the Persians in the Persian war?

Athens and Sparta.