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What year did the space race start?

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What year did the race to space start?

on October 4, 1957hope this helped. :)

What did sputnik launch the start of?

The space race

What year did the US enter the race to get into space?

President Kennedy entered the US into the space race in 1961.

What year did the space race begin?


Where did the space race start?

in search of the life and living materials

Why year 1961 was famous for?

That was the year the space race to get an American to the moon began

When did the space race start and end?

It started on 1957 and ended on 1969

What improvement came as a result of the space race?

The space race was a stimulus for scientific research, since the problem of space travel, or landing on the moon, is basically a scientific and engineering problem. To a large degree, the advanced technology of the 21st century got its start in the space race.

How did Russians start space race?

The Russians started the Space Race by launching Sputnik the first satellite, which then provoked fear in the Americans to begin development of their own satellites.

When did the Russians start the space race?

Early 1959. The Russians launched sputnik

What year did Indy 500 race start?


What best describes the meaning of the space race in the US?

The start of the National Aeronautics Space Administration known as NASA.

What year did the show amazing race start?

I think 2002

What year did the space program start?


How did Sputnik and lunch the space race?

lunch the space race???

Reasons or and against the space race?

reasons for the space race?

What war did the Sputnik launch start?

Space race 1957 not the Cold War 1946-1991

What is the duration of The Race for Space?

The duration of The Race for Space is 3300.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Race to Space?

The duration of Race to Space is 1.73 hours.

How do you start a short distance race in track an field?

A short distance is normally started by marking one point in space which you can have as a start

What Space facts start with the letter y?


Why did space race occur and what effects did it have on American Society?

it start doing a try hard dick sucking method and won the race and bombed russia

What started the space race?

the space race started when the soviet union union launched Sputnik into space.

What part of speech is space race?

Space race is a noun. It refers to the competition between countries to get into space.

When was Race to Space created?

Race to Space was created on 2002-03-15.

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