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The first Winchester model 1300 shotgun(model 1300 featherweight) was made in the year 1978.

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Q: What year did they start making the Winchester 1300?
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What year did they stop making the Winchester 1300?

the last model 1300 made in the U S were 2006.

What year did Winchester make model 1300 20 ga winchoke black synthetic stock?

your winchester model 1300 shotgun was made by winchester between the years 1995-2006.

How do you determine year of Winchester 1300 xtr 12g?

By the serial number.

What is the age or year of a Winchester Model 1300 serial number L2581670?

I can say that the Winchester model 1300 was made from 1978-1993.I hope this narrows your time frame a little.

What is the value of Winchester model 1300 12gauge pump?

it depends on the year, and condition,of the gun!

What year did Winchester make a model 1300 featherweight shotgun?

it first came out in 1984

When was your Winchester model 1300 serial number L3172501 manufactured?

I can say that Winchester made the model 1300 shotgun from 1978-1993.They also made the model 1300 Walnut field model from 1994-2006.You will have to contact Winchester directly to get the exact year of production for your shotgun,as these records are not available in the public domain.

What year did greek mythology start?

1300 bce

What year did winchester quit making the curved but?

They haven't

What year did japan start making Winchester firearms?

The Hartford plant closed in 2006. There were parts and certain models that were "outsourced" beginning in 2002.

What year did Winchester stop making red letter guns?


When did they stop making winchester 61 22 magnums?

The last year of production for the Winchester model 61 was in 1962.They made 10,661 rifles that year.

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