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Q: What year do you graduate form high school if you are in 8th grade now?
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Do you graduate or promote from eighth grade?

You graduate from eighth grade, then go to high school.

How do you get to high school?

You Graduate from 8th grade.

Do you graduate in 11th grade?

Yes, 11th grade is part of high school. It is the second to last year of high school.

What is the exact meaning of graduate or graduation level?

DID YOU GRADUATE TO THE NEXT LEVEL OR CLASS AND OR GRADE? finish all schools grade school jr. high and high school . college and or tech. school etc.

Born in 2001 what year do you graduate high school?

if you are in fifth grade then you would graduate in 2018

What year will your 8 year old graduate high school?

in 10 years you should graduate if you are in the right grade and didnt fail or get held back!

What year does kendall jenner graduate from high school?

Kendall Jenner is in 12th grade.

Is graduate school considered postsecondary education?

Primary education is grade school, grades 1-6. Secondary education is high school, (or junior high school followed by high school) which is grades 7-12. Post secondary education is college or university. And graduate school is post-graduate education.

When did Mark Twain graduate high school?

Mark Twain did not formally graduate high school. He left school at the age of 12 and began working various jobs to help support his family.

When will you graduate if you are in the seventh grade now?

If you are in seventh grade now, you will typically graduate from high school in the twelfth grade. This means you would graduate in about 5 years.

Grade 8 graduation?

Well it is when you graduate from grade 8. It is a transition from junior high to high school. I am kind of confused on the question is? Sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for.

Can you get your GED at age 14?

No. In 4th grade there are still several more years of school you have to have. A GED test is given to a person who did not graduate from high school.