What year does generation z begin?

You are part of Generation Z if you were born between 1994-2010.

There has being no exact fixed date for Generation Z, which is the Internet generation, but Generation Z is generally set to start Jan 01 1994, and end Dec 31 2010 As this generation is still being born, and is still very young, it is hard to describe its characteristics without speculating. Relatively little is firmly established about its composition, character, and even name The early part of the generation, born starting in 1994, Gen Z were born during a time of declining birth rates; though the youngest of the generation were born during a baby boomlet linked to the Great Recession of the late 2000s.

Generation Z follows Generation Y and the youngest (1994 births) are generally the children of the youngest BabyBoomers, Generation X and the young Generation Y. There parent's are generally born around 1960 on average. They are meant to be the computer and internet geeks! lol