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Nixon' s first term expired on Jan. 20, 1973. He began his second term on that same day.

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Q: What year ended Richard Nixon's first term as president?
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What is Nixons first name?

What is president Nixons first name?

Richard 2nd name Milhous

What was Nixons first name?

President Nixon's middle name was "Milhous", his mother's maiden name.

What was Richard Nixons First job?

He worked in his father's grocery business while he was in college. I think that was his first job.

Who was the first president to vist all 50 states?

Richard M. Nixon was the first to do this. He did it in 1960 while he was campaigning and did it again after he was President.

What is trot Nixons first name?


Where was the first place president Nixon went when he became president?

Richard M. Nixon was the first US President to visit China. He was also the first to visit Russia.

What vice president's first name was Richard?

Richard M. Johnson (9th US Vice President)Richard Nixon (36th US VIce President)Richard (Dick) Bruce Cheney (45th US Vice President)

What year did Richard Nixon get picked to be President?

Richard Nixon was first elected President in 1968; he was reelected in 1972.

What were some of Richard Nixon's famous first's?

He was the first President to travel to China, and the first President to resign from office.

What president was the first president to go to all fifty states?

Richard Nixon

Which US president was named after King Richard the Lionhearted?

The only president named Richard was Richard Nixon. I do not know about the lion-heart connection. Richard is a common first name in the US.