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the tenth digit which in your case is a t makes this bike a 1996

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Q: What year is Suzuki rm 125 vin JS1RF15AXT2101935?
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What year is suzuki rm 125 vin JS1RF14A2R2102118?

1994 SUZUKI RM125

I need to no the year of this suzuki rm 125 vin js1rf15a3t2101677?

1996 SUZUKI RM125

Whats the year of this Suzuki RM 125 VIN is js1rf15c8w2102085?


How do you know the year of a Suzuki rm 125 engine?

10th digit in on the vin trouble is finding the vin!

What year is suzuki rm 125 vin js1rf16cx52102005?

The tenth character is the model year = 2005

What year is your Suzuki RM 125 vin js1rf16a000501057?

I have found out that the year of manufacturer is a 2001 Model.

What year is a Suzuki RM 125 with a vin of IS1RF16C?

VIN should be 17 characters long. The tenth character denotes the year.

I need to know the year of this Suzuki RM 125 vin js1rf15a3t2101677?

The tenth digit in the vin identifies the year. The "t" in your vin identifies your bike as a 1996.

What year is this suzuki motorcycle vin 7A8GK0L1107106240?

invalid vin

What year is my Suzuki DR 250 with VIN number J428-100482?

What year is my Suzuki DR 250 with VIN NumberSJ45A102114

How do you verify the year of make for a Suzuki RM 125?

The vin will be on the steering head tube by the forks. The vin should have 17 digits, enter the 17 digit vin here:

VIN is jsaaj47a0n2102377 what year is the Suzuki?

1992 SUZUKI LT-F250

Where is the vin on suzuki rm 125?

Turn the handlebars to the left and on the frame just in front of the radiator should be the VIN number.

What year is suzuki rm 125 vin jsrrf14a114101?

You do not have a complete vin number. The vin number must be 17 digits. Based on what you have submitted (may or may not be correct), the 10th character identifies the year, in this case the 1 represents a 2001 model.

What year is suzuki rm125 vin j81rf16cx22107775?

According to Motoverse decoder, this is not a valid Suzuki vin. Double check the vin and enter it at the link below.

What is the year and model for suzuki ATV VIN 5saap41a667101044?

2006 Suzuki LTA700XK5

What year is Suzuki RM 125 vin js1rf16a00502400?

Can't say for sure, you are missing 1 digit in the vin number. The vin is 17 digits and there are only 16 here. Plus the 10th digit represents the year and that is a 0 in the vin you listed, but there is not a 0 in use for the year. Please check and update your vin number and I will be glad to check the year for you.

What year suzuki has VIN number jsaaj49ax12100238?

It is a 2001.

What year is suzuki lt80 vin lm4ac11axw1109293?


What year is Suzuki RM125 vin js1rf16c642102386?


What year is a Suzuki RM125 vin js1rf15c4y2101969?


Your VIN is JSAAM11A0H2100227 what year is it?

1987 Suzuki LT500R

What year is your Suzuki gsx?

The tenth character of the VIN is the manuacture year.

List of vin numbers for English suzuki rm 125?

Take the vin number off of your bike and enter it here:

Does this site have vin numbers for English motorbikes if so what year is a suzuki rm 125 vin rf14a-113855?

The vin should have 17 digits, this is either a partial vin number or a bike made before 1981 in which case we have no way of decoding. If it is a pre 81 bike, check with your local Suzuki shop. They should be able to help.