What year is a huffy with serial 3H32712?

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The 1st number and 5th number combined together is the year. The 2nd through 4th numbers are the day of the year it was made. Huffy is the manufacturer. 26 is the wheel size. Last three numbers are the model. 80517huffy26434 translates to a 1987 Huffy Good Vibrations made on February 20th. Got info from Huffy customer service 1-800-872-2453.

We just located a girl's blue Huffy Sportsman bike with a "Glendale Police Bicycle License" dated 1965... so obviously from then or before

nothing, its a huffy. Whatever you spend on a new bike, half that every 3 years, and thats what its worth.

you have alrady mist it, it was in 1990

One year was 1973 not sure on how many year of models were made.

Sick huffy bro! I want to jump it

Huffy (USA) went out of business around 1999. The Huffy brand is now slapped onto bikes imported from China.

What are the huffy good vibrations model years

my huffy roadside cruiser is from the early sixtys

Skuffed Up My Huffy was created on 2007-09-11.

A huffy slider is a popular new take on the tricycle. To find a huffy slider, try typing it into your favorite search engine to locate places where you can purchase one.

No. The current owners bought Frabill from Huffy about 25 years ago.

Huffy Sliders are available in the USA from email him I know he has them new in box.

What year is Serial # 1092269É

information on how to set up a huffy basketball stand

At a garage sale, that's were I got my hear no evil huffy micro monkey bike.

What year is Mercury Outboard with serial # 5863149

No serial number = no answer.

Huffy bicycles, for the longest time, were made in the U.S.A., but after 2004 they shut down their U.S. factory. In fact, the factory in Celina Ohio is now a facory for Crown forklifts. Today, Huffy bicycles are made in China.

Bicycles rarely turn into valuable collectibles, so it's probably not worth much. Your best bet is to look for similar bikes on Ebay, craigslist and such to see what they are selling for.

Huffy mountain bikes are available in most big box stores. (i.e. Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc.)

WCC Chopper bicycles were made by Huffy Bicycles in 2005, you can still find them for sale.

You can usually find the year of a Huffy bicycle (I believe they were the only manufacturer of West Coast Choppers bikes) by combining the first digit of the serial number with... some guess work. The first digit of the serial number equals the lastdigit of the year. So... if your serial number starts with 6, then the bike could be made in 1986, 1996, or most likely, 2006 (this is where the guess work comes into play). Considering they started making these bicycles in 2005, this is a pretty reasonable assumption.

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