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What year is vw engine number F0212913?

This is the Type 1 model year 1966 1300 cc engine.

What year is VW engine number fo398999?

1966 1300 eng

What year Volkswagen engine is serial number 9326395?

Need to know what type engine are you asking about, a newer VW? You can call a VW dealership and get an answer.

What year VW engine number AE800365?

This was the late 1970 to 1972 1600 cc engine.

What year was your VW engine number 0638297 made?

Look for two letters in front of this number to identify this engine successfully.

What year VW engine is serial number ae 209541?

1970 , 1600cc

What year Volkswagen engine is serial number cb100654?

a CB engine is from a 72-73 VW Bus.

What year VW engine number AE 804397?

70-72 1600 dual port

Where is a golf gti engine number?

where is vw golf gti engine number

What does vw 000 101 101d mean on a vw engine?

That arrangement of numbers is the typical format for a VW part number. IIRC, that particular part number is for the engine block.

What year your air cooled vw engine with engine number H 1156930?

It is more than likely a 68' engine. My own 68 has an "H" engine code.

What year is an H152505?

Hi,,assuming this is a VW BUS engine number, it`s a 1965,1500cc (44hp).CHEERS

What year is vw engine AK222211?

That will be a 1974 model year 1600 cc engine.

What year is your air cooled type 1 vw engine if the engine number is AE 196800?

your missing a number but all AE motor were 71 72 &73

What year and capacity is VW engine number AD440847?

I am pretty sure its a 1973 1600 twin port engine hope that helps cheers G

What year was Volkswagen engine number 1100801 made?

probably 1955

What are the last 6 numbers on a VW engine serial number?

The numbers vary from one engine to the next. Varies with model year and displacement and European or US.

What year is engine H 0030662 on a VW bug?

That would be a model year 1967 1500 cc engine.

What year is this vw engine ak211632?

This would be a 1600 cc engine from model year 1974 to early 1975.

What year Volkswagen engine is the engine number B6 088169?

That would be a 1970 Vw Beetle engine. It had dual oil pressure reliefs and single port heads. Not a bad engine for a baja IMO.

What year engine is head serial number 026103373G?

Vw golf gti ...1986 1.8 engine, k-jet not digifant. Also its the hydro lifter not solid :)

What year is vw engine number AS41?

the AS engine could be from a number of years I'm afraid- it's a 1600 from August 1973 to the end of production- 1979 i think.AnswerAS41 isn't an engine number. It's the magnesium alloy your engine case was cast from. Volkswagen changed to the improved AS21 alloy in 1975--it was introduced when VW put fuel injection on the Bug engine. So...if you've got an AS41 case, it could have come out of just about any year car.

How do you find out the year of a VW beetle?

The third number of the serial number is the year it was made.

How do you find out what year your engine was manufactured have a mk1 vw golf that has been converted to diesel but i need to know what year car the engine came out of parts etc?

I have a Golf GTI 16V KR Engine Its number is KR 1288403 Can someone tell me what year it was manufactured?

What year is your VW 1500 Beetle engine?

1967 through 1969.

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