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It depends on the earthquake you are talking about. Many have occurred in Japan. The most recent is the 2011 earthquake.

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Q: What year was Japan's earthquake?
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Related questions

Where has been the strongest earthquake in the modern days?

the japans tsunami

How long did japans earthquake last?

The earthquake began at 5:46 and it lasted for 20 seconds.

What happens on the day of japans earthquake day?

the japanesse remember the kobe earthquake and prepare for others.

What caused japans earthquake?

Probably the movements of the plates. When two plates collided, the effect was an earthquake.

How many deaths were there on japans earthquake in 2011?

There were over 16,000 deaths in Japan's major 2011 earthquake.

Are japans buildings earthquake proof?

No, they are not that strong unless they are made out of steel, which they are not.

What is the name of the most recent major earthquake in the world?

japans earthquake. it led to the tsunami. so it is the most severe,and most major earthquake.

Did china feel Japan's earthquake?

Yes, china received a 5.8 magnitude earthquake as a result of the Japans earthquake on March 11, 2011.

Did tsunami from japans earthquake affect south Korea?

No. Korea is located on the West side of Japan, and the earthquake happened on the East side.

What year was japans current constitution adopted?

Japans current constitution was adopted on May 3,1997

Which tectonic plates collided when Japans 2011 earthquake hit?

The Eurasian Plate and the Pacific Plate.

Japans early year climate?


Was haiti or japans earthquake worse?

Hati. The poor infrastructure of the buildings made whole cities collapse

How did Japans resent tsunami happen?

The earthquake was in the ocean which shook the water on top and crashed onto Japan. For more info go to earthquake.

Why were there so many deaths in Japans Tsunami?

there were so many deaths because they weren't ready for it because they had just had an earthquake.

Is the great Kanto earthquake near a plate boundary?

Yes. Japans lies where a few plater boundaries ome together.

What year did sanfrancisco have an earthquake?

1906 was the year of "great Earthquake'

Were did the fish go for Japans' earthquake?

I'm quite sure they didn't know it was going to happen and just carried on their daily life.

What year strongest earthquake?

The year's strongest Earthquake was in Haiti in the year of Feburary, 2010

How many major earthquakes in the world in recent years?

About 3 major earthquakes have happened in these recent years including japans earthquake/tsunami.

What year was Earthquake?


What year did the Haiti earthquake happen?

Haiti's earthquake happend in 2010.

What year was the earthquake in Haiti?

The earthquake in Haiti happened in 2009.

When was the castle hill earthquake?

The castle hill earthquake was in the year 1881

What is Japans national bird?

the Blue Crane is Japans National Bird.