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There is no "British constitution" in the sense of the American one where a group of people sat down and wrote it. The British constitution is a collection of documents from the Magna Carta to the EU's Declaration of Human Rights. The constitution has evolved from 1215, the signing of the Magna Carta.

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Q: What year was the British Constitution written and implemented?
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What year was the constitution in us written?

The US Constitution was written in 1787.

What year did they write the constitution?

The Constitution was written in 1781.

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Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act was passed by the British Parliament in 12900.

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The Wyoming constitution was written over a 25 day period in September of 1889.

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Michigan's first constitution was written and approved in 1835. Updated versions of the constitution were ratified in Michigan in 1850, 1908, and 1963.

When was the charter of rights and freedoms became part of Canada's constitution?

1982, the same year Canada got its Constitution from the British.

When and where was the US Constitution written?

it was written in the Pennsylvania state house in the year 1787.