What year was the Italian Renaissance style Villa Vizcaya built?

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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, once known as Villa Vizcaya was constructed in Miami, Florida between 1914 and 1916. The Italian Renaissance Garden continued constructed through 1923.
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Why did the Italian Renaissance occur?

The Italian Renaissance all started with the Black Death/Pleague in the 1300's in which most of the people in Italy died. Then the survivors of the Black Death took over the farmlands and other property left by the dead citizens. The excess of meterials such as food caused price to drop. As the econ ( Full Answer )

Who modeled for The Prince in the Italian Renaissance?

The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli listed many earlier political figures, both good and bad, but made reference to the powerful Borgia and Medici families (each of which eventually included a Pope).

Why was florence the heart of the Italian renaissance?

Florence became a major city during the renaissance because the Medici family, who was very rich and powerful at the time, sponsored many artists and without them they wouldn't have been able to create and sell so much work.

What is the Italian Renaissance?

Painting life in a different light, the history of the Italian Renaissance had a major impact on artistic endeavors for centuries...

What were the main ideas of the Italian Renaissance?

The main idea of the Italian Renaissance was to create a resurgenceof the ideas, architecture and art of antiquity. The people whostarted the Renaissance held things and ideas of antiquity in highregard and wanted to improve the culture by bringing them back intothen-modern times.

What is 'Italian Renaissance' when translated from English to Italian?

Rinascimento italiano is a literal Italian equivalent ofthe English phrase "Italian Renaissance." The pronunciation of thephrase -- which may be preceded by the masculine singular definitearticle il ("the") -- will be "ree-NA-shee-MEN-to EE-ta-LYA-no" inItalian.

What is the official website for Italian renaissance?

A good website that is all about Italy is www.Italy.org I am doing a Geography Project on Italy and this is a good website to go to. It tells you the language, religion and a lot more stuff.Also, if you want the religion type in or click on the link. http://www.Europe.org/Italy/regions.HTML You will ( Full Answer )

What was the cause of the Italian Renaissance?

The Renaissance, a movement which stressed the ideas of the classical world, has been described as ending the medieval era and heralding the start of the modern age. Its causes were many, all deeply interconnected and now historians debate the relative importance of each, as well as when the Renaiss ( Full Answer )

What does Italian Renaissance mean?

The Italian Renaissance quite literally means the art/culture of Italy during the time of the Renaissance.. The Italian Renaissance was more directly linked to the Catholic Church (due to the proximity to the Vatican, perhaps). The Italian painters had different styles and mediums. Even the archite ( Full Answer )

How did Venice contribute to the Italian renaissance?

Definitions - Venice was an important trading city, getting goods from Asia - Venice was an important port - Aristocracy was a few selected people who funded the artists and thinkers Venice contributed to the Italian Renaissance by trading a lot with many other places, esp. Asia. Many ships also ( Full Answer )

Who were the painters of the Italian Renaissance?

Donatello, Masaccio, Brunelleschi, Giotto, Botticelli, Fra Angelico, Piero Della Francesca, Mantegna, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. To name but a few. The renaissance is the name given to an era rather that a group of artists. Translating from Italian renaissance means rebirth, and is ( Full Answer )

What was the government during the Italian Renaissance?

The main type of government used in Italian city-states during the Renaissance was a series of oligarchies ruled by specific families, such as the Medici family or the Borgia family. This was known as the signoria .

Who is the Renaissance man during the Italian Renaissance?

Leonardo Da Vinci was the Renaissance man during the Italian renaissance, . He was an engineer,invent machines,make many advances in anatomy,painter -developing skills &techniques(Famous painting such as Mona Lisa),he drew detailed drawings of plants and birds, architect and designed many buildings ( Full Answer )

Why was florence at the heart Italian renaissance?

Mostly because the Medici family, who was very rich and powerful at the time, sponsored many artists like da Vinci, Brunelleschi, and Michalangelo, and without them they wouldn't have been able to create and sell so much work.

Famous architect of the Italian renaissance?

Alberti, Leon Battista; Bramante, Donato; Brunelleschi, Filippo; Jones, Inigo; Palladio, Andrea; Pisano, Giovanni. Six Italian Rennaissance architects.

When and where was renaissance style popular?

the renaissance era was right after the 'Dark' or 'medieva'l ages i t was a time of art and learnings rebirth after nearly everything was lost when the roman empire fell.

What was the Renaissance writing style?

The style in Harlem Renaissance's writing is based on three distinguishingstandards which are: 1- the protagonist: Usually a male protagonist who evolves in a social context. He is a dynamic character where everything is moving in parallel with him (setting/other characters presentation...) 2- ( Full Answer )

What were politics like in Italian renaissance?

Murderous, treachery was always at hand, plenty of treason to go around. It was a time when the strong stayed strong by any means and that included using murder.

How does the northern Renaissance differ from the Italian Renaissance?

Southern Renaissance came first and focused on humanism, which isgloryfing man and focuses on human values, The southerm, or ItalianReniaissance, refered back to the classical styles of the Greeks,making ideal images. The Northern Renaissance however approached ata much slower rate and can also be c ( Full Answer )

What is 'Anniversary Italian Style' in Italian?

Anniversario all'italiana is an Italian equivalent of 'Anniversary Italian style'. The words in Italian are pronounced 'ahn-nee-vehr-SAH-ree-oh ahl-lee-tah-LYAH-nah'. In the word by word translation, the masculine gender noun 'anniversario' means 'anniversary'. The word 'all'* combines the pre ( Full Answer )

How did northern renaissance differ from the italian renaissance?

It was the same thing. Answer! No it was not the same thing. Try these websites for help: http://arthistory.about.com/cs/arthistory10one/a/north_ren.htm and http://academicdecathlon.wikispaces.com/file/view/Italian+and+Northern+Renaissance.pdf

What is 'the Italian Renaissance' when translated from English to Italian?

Il Renascimento italiano is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "the Italian Renaissance." The masculine singular phrase most famously represents achievements in architecture, literature, music, painting, philosophy, poetry, science, and sculpture whose realization peaked throughout Italy, ( Full Answer )

Who built the roman villas?

Architects built Roman villas. They built them for very rich people. The villa urbana was a retreat residence or a holiday home (usually near the sea) for of the wealthy. The villa rustuca was the farmstead of a landed estate.

Who built hadrian's villa?

We don't know who built Hadrian's villa, but we know it was built for Hadrian. Because of the different architectural styles incorporated in the villa, it would be a safe guess to say it was built by several architects working together. We don't know who built Hadrian's villa, but we know it ( Full Answer )

What is the Italian translation of 'Renaissance'?

Renascimento is an Italian equivalent of the English word "Renaissance." Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine proper noun. Its singular definite article is il ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is un , uno ("a, one"). The pronunciation is "reh-NAH-shee-MEHN-toh."

Did Shakespeare write the Italian Renaissance?

Well, for one thing, the Italian Renaissance was a historical movement and wasn't written by anyone, and for another, it took place quite some time before Shakespeare was even born.

How did the Italian renaissance change italy?

it gave all of Italy more culture,difrent from the medieval times,because in the medieval times there was barley any art and every thing you would of been if you were their,you would be what your father,if your father was a peasant a peasant now you are what you can do,and the art is so much more de ( Full Answer )

Where roman villas built in town or country?

A villa was a large country estate. It would naturally be built in the country. A villa was a large country estate. It would naturally be built in the country. A villa was a large country estate. It would naturally be built in the country. A villa was a large country estate. It would naturally be ( Full Answer )

Who supported the Italian Renaissance?

Well, the Renaissance movement in general was started in Italy, by many famous artists in the 15th-16th century. Cities would hire and/or support these artists. After the Renaissance movement started in Italy, many other European countries started to follow it, which led to more artistic and cultu ( Full Answer )

What are some Italian Renaissance paintings?

Primavera by Sandro Botticelli The Lamentation by Giotto The Triumph of Death by Orcagna The Annunciation by Simone Martini Adam and Eve by Masolino

How did the techniques differ from the Italian Renaissance?

Florence in Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance and from there is spread through France to Northern Europe. With the Renaissance movement came humanism which had a huge impact on religion in Northern Europe. It lead to the arrival of the Reformation and the turmoil that came with it. Catholi ( Full Answer )

Why was hadrian's villa built?

Hadrian's villa was built by emperor Hadrian as his imperial villa. He conducted part of his state business from there. Hadrian liked to spend part of his time at the villa and take his court there and gather the elites there both for business and for huge parties and receptions there. It was also p ( Full Answer )

What style of architecture is the typical Italian villa?

Usually, Italian Villas are constructed out of Italianate styles. This type of building structure was developed prominently for the Italian Villas. This was first developed and seen by home and estate buyers in the early 1830's.

When was the period of the Italian Renaissance?

The Italian Renaissance period lasted between 1330 to 1550. The Italian Renaissance was one of the earliest forms of the European Renaissance that started a great cultural change.

When was the Chedworth Roman Villa built?

The Chedworth Roman Villa was built from 200 to 400 A.D. It is located in England and would be an interesting destination for those interested in Archaeology or the history of the Roman Empire.

What is 'villa' when translated from Italian to English?

"Country house" is an English equivalent of the Italian word villa . The feminine singular noun in question references in fact a large habitation whose property includes substantial gardens or parks. The pronunciation will be "VEEL-la" in Italian.