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Q: What year was the US Constitution wrote?
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Who wrote the constitution of indapendence of the US?

Who wrote the Constitution of the United states

What year was the constitution wrote?


Was the US Constitution wrote in 1774?


When was the constitution of the us wrote?

The final draft of the unamended US Constitution was written on September 17, 1787.

Who was the Georgia signer of the US Constitution that wrote the GA Constitution?

Abraham Baldwin

What is the framers in us history?

The founding fathers who wrote the US constitution.

How many people wrote the US Constitution?


Who wrote the Us first constitution?

James Madison

Who wrote much of the US Constitution?

James Madison

How did James Madison's beliefs contribute to the US Constitution?

James Madison Wrote the Constitution

What role did James Madison play in the US Constitution?

He wrote the rough draft of the constitution.

Who was the US Constitution written by?

Thomas Jefferson was the person who wrote the US ConstitutionJames Maddison is the father of the Constitution. He wrote it down. Thomas Jefferson was not even at the Constitutional Convention. He was in Paris, France at the time it was written.

In what year was the US Constitution signed?

The US Constitution was signed in 1787

What year was the US Constitution was written in?

The US Constitution was written in 1787.

In 1787 represetnatives of the US States met in Philadelphia and wrote?

The US Constitution.

What did Joesph Greeler do in 1874?

Wrote a song for the US Constitution.

Who wrote the final draft of the US Constitution?

AnswerGouverneur Morris

How did James Madison contribute to forming the US?

He wrote the Constitution.

Who wrote the 24th Amendment to the US Constitution?

Tomas Jefferson

Who wrote more of the US Constitution Adams or Jefferson?


Who led the delegates who wrote the US Constitution?

Benjamin Franklin

Who wrote the original draft of the US Constitution?

Thomas Sickman

Who wrote the 12TH amendment in the US Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson

What best explains original intent concerning the US Constitution?

What the framers wanted when they wrote the constitution

Why was the US Constitution needed in the first place?

greg marsch wrote it! greg marsch wrote it!