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What year was the Wii invented?

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What was invented in the year 2007?

wii was invented

What year was the Wii invited?

It was invented in the year of 2006.

In what year was the Nintendo Wii invented?


What year is the Kinect Wii invented?


What was invented last year i want to know what was invented in the last 100 years?

Tyhe nintindo WII and i phone Tyhe nintindo WII and i phone Tyhe nintindo WII and i phone

When was the Wii invented?

The Wii was invented in November 2006.

What was Facebook invented?

It was released in 2006. The same year as the Nintendo Wii. and dont you mean WHEN was facebook invented

Who is the inventor of the Wii?

Shigeru Miyamoto invented wii fit so he must have invented the wii.

Who invented the Wii game?

marrow gene invented the Wii game

Who invented the Nintendo Wii u?

Nintendo invented the wii u. No one in particular invented it.

Who invented the Wii game console?

who invented the nintendo wii game console ?

Who invented the Wii console?

Nintendo invented the Wii console along with WiiWare

Who was the person that invented the Wii?

Engineers and designers at the Nintendo Company invented the Wii.

Who invented the Wii Nintendo game system?

The Nintendo Wii was invented in Japan.

Who inventet the Wii?

Nintendo invented the Wii

Who invented the Wii?

Nintendo company invented the it but Shigeru Miyamoto was the main creator of the Wii

When was the first activated wii game invented?

Who invented the great Wii game? the person is a genious!

Who invented the Wii system and where did it come from?

The Wii system was invented and developed by Nintendo, who is based out of Japan.

What African American invented the Wii?

The Nintendo Wii was not invented in America but in Japan by Shigeru Miyamoto

Who inventedthe Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo invented the Nintendo Wii.

Is the Wii from Japan?

Yes. The Wii was invented and desinged in Japan.

Will there be two Wii-based optical disc formats invented for Nintendo Wii?

Yes! There will be two Wii-based optical disc formats invented for "Nintendo Wii U".

When was Wii invented?


Where was the Wii invented?


Who invented Wii resort?

I did