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Q: What year was the british red cross formed?
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What year did the British Red Cross start?

British Red Cross started on 4 August 1870. See related link.

What is the population of British Red Cross?

British Red Cross's population is 2,600.

When was British Red Cross created?

British Red Cross was created in 1870.

How was the Red Cross formed?

red crescent

What is the purpose of the British Red Cross?

The British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are

How many overseas countries does the british red cross work in?

I am a proffessional fundraiser for the british red cross and they work in 187 countries

Red Cross when was it formed?


What are the aims of the British Red Cross?

To help everyone at our very best and hopefully to also get more people to volunteer the British Red Cross.

When was the Indian red cross set up?

I think the same time as the British Red cross

Is the American Red Cross the Same as the British Red Cross?

They are not the same; they are two separate organizations.

Where can one find about more about the British Red Cross?

One can find more information about the British Red Cross on various websites like Wikipedia and the official RedCross website itself. Both websites offer a great amount of information about the British Red Cross.

Who founded the Hong Kong Red Cross?

Nobody did they just took the idea for the British red cross.

What is British Red Cross?

The British Red Cross Society is the United Kingdom branch the worldwide impartial humanitarian organization the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

Why is the british flag colors red blue and white?

The red cross on the British flag is the cross of Saint George of England. He was a martyr, and the red stands for his blood. The white field represents the war he was in.

Why red color used in red cross?

The red cross was formed in 1863, in Geneva Switzerland. The colors and symbol are those of the Swiss flag reversed.

Who formed the red cross?

The swiss businessman Henry Dunant founded the Red Cross just after the Solferino Battle (Italy) in 1859

Can a 13 year old boy work at red cross?

can a 13 year old boy work at red cross

What is the address of a red cross agency in England?

Contact the British Red Cross. British Red Cross, UK Office, 44 Moorfields, London EC2Y 9AL Phone: 0844 871 11 11. Fax: 020 7562 2000.

What year did the government agree to a red cross in the US?

The red cross was started in 1864.

What has the author S H Best written?

S. H. Best has written: 'The story of the British Red Cross' -- subject(s): British Red Cross Society

What do the symbols on British flag mean - or stand for?

AnswerIf by "British flag" you mean the Union Flag (called the Union Jack when flown on a ship), the flag of the United Kingdom they are a combined version of the cross of St George, the cross of St Andrew and the cross of St Patrick.However before 1801, when the United Kingdom was formed, there was a version with just the English St George Cross and the Scottish St Andrew Cross. This could be said to be the British Flag.The red cross on the top represents the Cross of Saint George.The white cross on the bottom is the Cross of Saint Andrew.The red cross in the middle is the Cross of Saint Patrick.

When was the international red cross formed?

it was formed in 1863 which was founded by henry dunant just after the solferino battle( italy) in 1859. He was bron in London, England, but the main location of the red cross is at the place in Switzerland, Geneva

What is the motto of the British Red Cross?

Caring for people in crisis

Why are communities stakeholders of the British red cross?

Because they like it...

What do Colonial and British uniforms look like?

British uniforms were red and had a white cross on the front.