What year was the ferris wheel by George Ferris?

l892 and it was not completed until l893 for the Columbian Exposition. a fine if somewhat shady on details historical novel was done on the construction of the Wonder Wheel ( no.l, not the current one at Coney) called the Great Wheel by one Robert Lawson. one has to read between the lines to get at some of the facts. the Wheel itself was largely subcontracted to Bethehem Steel and the cars were made by Pullman- and shipped to the Carnival site on flat cars which was surely an amusing sight. huge temporary railroad yards had to be set up- massive labor tasks- near the Fair grounds and right up to the ride site- this was also done with the Coney Island Wonder Wheel of l920. The ride was erected in the winter, which posed some problems for lodging for the many temporary workers- exactly how this was handled ( tents under the ride would be impractical on Lake Shore in Chicago)- the commissary needs were a simpler task- as food wagons could be moved around on site- the Western Chuch wagon idea- like today"s commissary trucks.