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What year were the three branches of the US government created?

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The three branches of government were outlined in, and created by, the US Constitution. The Constitution was written in 1787.

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What year did the current Georgia State Constitution take effect?

The Georgia state Constitution was adopted in November 1982. Like the United States Constitution, the Georgia constitution provides power to the three branches of government.

How much does the president of the US receive each year?

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The ancient Roman government elected two consuls every year. They elected two people to serve in the lead position as a separation of power.

What are the branches and functions of Maine government as laid out in the Maine Constitution?

The Maine Constitution, which you can see at the links below, created a legislative, judicial, and executive branches like the federal government has: Section 1. Powers distributed. The powers of this government shall be divided into 3 distinct departments, the legislative, executive and judicial. In Maine, the Governor can be elected for two, four year terms. Their legislature is part time. The House of Representatives and the state Senate are limited to four consecutive two-year terms. After that, they must either run for a different office, or take a break from service.

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In which year did the US government created the Bureau of Indian Affairs?

In the 1790s!

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The US Constitution contains which provision from the Virginia Plan?

it's either a.) The president can only serve one seven- year term. b.) House and Senate representation is proportional to population size. c.) The government is divided into three branches. d.) Congress can veto any state law Answer is C) :)

What year was NAFTA created?

Im doing an online government class for my school and the correct answer on my test was 1993.

System of government of the british government?

The British have a parlimentary system of government. This means that, unlike the United States, the legislative and executive branches act as one. The Prime Minister comes from the majority party of the legislative branch. The Prime Minister has a 5 year term but can be reelected before hand if he choses.

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What year did the thirteen colonies create their own governments?

The year that the thirteen colonies did create their own governments were 1607. There were three type of government and systems that were used in the 13 colonies.

What are the top paying jobs in government?

The top paying jobs in the government is Astronomer, Attorney and Financial Manager. These are the top three highest paying jobs. They all make over $100,000 a year.

In what year was the Irish government set up?

The Government of Ireland was created by the 1937 Constitution of Ireland. Before this the Executive Council of the Irish Free State governed the country from 1922 - 1937.

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