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It is determined to be realeased in 2011

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Is there a movie for The Giver?

The Giver movie has not yet been made but have said that it will be released in 2013

When does The Giver come out in the movies?

The Giver movie is supposedly "in progress" hopefully it will be out sometime this year. (2011)

When is the movie The Giver going to be released?

they said it was gonna be in 2013

In which year did the movie Andre get released?

The movie Andre, with the eponymous marine sea lion, was released in the year 1994. The movie is based on a true story from the year 1962. In France the movie was released in 1995.

Is there a movie on The Giver?


Who plays Jonas in The Giver?

there is not a movie for the giver. jonas is jonas

What year was twilight the movie released?

Twilight was released in the year of 2008.

In what year was the first Godzilla movie released?

The year in which the first Godzilla movie was released was in 1954. It was of course released in black and white. The movie was created by Ishiro Honda.

What is The Giver soundtrack?

the giver does not have a movie yet so there is no sound track

Which year was SpongeBobs movie released?


What year did ABBA released their movie?

Abba: The Movie was released in December of 1977.

Which year did Disney release a Tarzan and Jane movie?

The year Disney released a Tarzan and Jane movie was 2002. The movie was based off of the original animated Tarzan movie released in the year of 1999.

What year was the movie the doors released?

It was released in 1991.

When did The Giver win the newbery?

The Giver won the Newbery Medal in the year 1944, the year after it was published.

Which year was the Bollywood movie boom released?

Bollywood movie Boom was released in 2003 .

What year was the movie holiday inn released?

The movie 'Holiday Inn' was released 1942.

Does Jonas in The Giver get released?

no he leaves but does not get released

When there is a third transgression what happens in The Giver?

In a third transgression in the Giver you are released.

What year the exorcist was created the movie what year?

The movie The Exorcist was released in December of 1973.

What year did Lois Lowry make The Giver?

The Giver was published in 1993

What year was the Disney movie holes released?

It was released in 2003! [=

What year was the movie Marumalarchi released?

Marumalarchi was released in 1998.

What year was the movie Ariel released?

Ariel was released in 1988.

What year was the movie Marley and me released?

Marley and Me was released in 2008

In what year was the movie Titanic released?

Titanic was released in 1997.

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