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Q: What years did Mount Tambora erupt?
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Related questions

When is Mount Tambora expected to erupt again?

That Mount Tambora will erupt again is probably inevitable. When it will erupt next is not known. Currently there are no signs of it erupting any time soon.

When will mount tambora erupt again?

It is impossible to predict when a volcano will next erupt.

When did mount tambora erupt?

April 10th 1815

When did Mount Tambora first erupt?

3,910 b.c.

When did Mount Tambora last erupt?


Which day did mount tambora erupt?

Mount Tambora erupted in 1815-16 April15-16

Does Mount Tambora have a lot or a little of silica?

Given that it tends to erupt in a very explosive manner, mount Tambora has a high silica content.

Was the Mount Tambora erruption the biggest since 2011?

No, because Mount Tambora did erupt in 2011. It was however the largest eruption in recorded history.

Why did mount tambora erupt?

it was the sea it made cracks in the volcano and made preasure causing it to erupt !!!

How far did the ash erupt from Mount Tambora?

no one cares

Will the Mount Tambora will erupt again?

Yes, most likely.

What time of day did Mount Tambora erupt?

april 5, 1815

Will Mt Tambora ever erupt again?

Yes, mount Tambora is expected to erupt in the future because it is still active, and erupted last in 1968, {which in science isn't that long ago}.

Will Mount Tambora ever erupt again?

In all likelihood, yes. Volcanoes such as Mount Tambora often go through cycles of cataclysmic eruptions and long periods of dormancy.

What are facts about Mount Tambora volcano?

Mount Tambora is a stratovolcano and its over 5000 years old.

What years did tambora erupt?

i believe its was 1815 and sometime in the past i think.......i forget. if u really want to know look up did tambora erupt in the past on google

Did Tambora erupt in the past?

Using radiocarbon dating technique, it has been established that Mount Tambora had erupted three times before the 1815 eruption, but the magnitudes of these eruptions are unknown. Their estimated dates are 3910 BC ± 200 years, 3050 BC and AD 740 ± 150 years.

How old is mount tambora?

mount Tambora is 5000 years old and when it erupted on it killed 50,000 victims and the date that it erupted in 1819

When will the next Mount Tambora eruption happen?

It is impossible to make long-term predictions of when a volcano will next erupt.

How many times did Mount Tambora erupt?

5 lol and im not smart

How long ago was Mt Tambora made?

Mount Tambora was said to be made about 57,000 years ago.

What kind of vocano is Mount Tambora?

Mount Tambora is a stratovolcano.

What is the mountain range of mount tambora?

Mount Tambora is in the Indonesian archipelago.

What type of volcano is Mount Tambora?

Mount Tambora is a stratovolcano and is dormant.

Where is Mount Tambora?

Mount Tambora is located in Indonesia.Indonesia