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Q: What years did trek make 4300 mountain bike?
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What is the best mountain bike make?

santa cruz

Can you make a chopper bike out of a mountain bike?

If you know how to weld and cut steel - sure. Otherwise - no.

What kind of things would I need to make a mountain biking film?

a mountain bike a camera

Who make charles jerry limeted edition mountain bike?


How can you make a mountain bike into a mini bike using a lawnmower?

no a lawnmower engine is too big try a weedwaker engine

How can I make my parents buy me a mountain bike?

One of George carlin's.adages was "I hope your parents never buy you a car." A life lesson in responsibility and self sustainability. Maybe you could ask yourself, "How can I make myself get a mountain bike." Oodiespruce

what kinda dirt bike is it what is the make and year i know it a venom motor ?

what kinda make model and years is my dirt bike

What is a BMX trial bike?

No such thing. Trials is a sub-sport of mountain biking, often called "mountain bike trials". It's a sport similar to motorcycle trials where one takes a light bike and hops around an obstacle course. You might have heard "BMX" and "trials" in the same sentence because a BMX bicycle can essentially make a good trials bike with minimal modifications.

Why get oversized handlebars for mountain bikes?

Because if you make a pipe bigger it will get a lot stiffer but only a little heavier. And stiff parts make a bike more responsive.

What disc brake pads fit a saracen mantra mountain bike?

That's not determined by the bike, but by the make & model of the brakes used - and that can change between the different versions/build year of the bike. If you look at your bike there's usually a brand name on the brake, possibly a model name too. That'll help you figure out which type of pads to get.

Honda smallist bike?

years ago it used to be the 50cc trail bike. i`m not sure if they make them smaller than that now. a Honda dealership can tell you i`m sure.

Where to buy Trek Skye SL360 mountain bike?

It is a really hard bike to find, I'm not even sure if they still make them anymore. One site to try might be, they sometimes have hard to find bikes at really low prices.