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What years was postage 4 cent?

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US postage rate increases -- for ordinary first class letters


June, 1932 up to 3 cents from 2 cents.

July, 1958 up to 4 cents <<< so July 1958 until January 1962.

Jan , 1963 up to 5 cents

July, 1968 up to 6 cents

May, 1971 up to 8 cents

June, 1974 up to 10 cents

June, 1976 up to 13 cents

June, 1978 up to 15 cents

May , 1981 up to 18 cents

Nov , 1981 up to 20 cents

Feb , 1985 up to 22 cents

June, 1988 up to 25 cents

June, 1991 up to 29 cents

Jan , 1995 up to 32 cents

June, 1999 up to 33 cents

Jan , 2001 up to 34 cents

June, 2002 up to 37 cents

Jan , 2006 up to 39 cents

May , 2007 up to 41 cents

May , 2008 up to 42 cents

May , 2009 up to 44 cents

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What 4 Cent stamps are there?

to pay extra postage

What was the price of postage stamp in the US in 1978?

For the years 1978 &amp; 1979 the cost of postage was 15 cent.

What years were one cent stamps used for postage?

In the United States first class postage has never been one cent. Post cards were 1 cent from 1898 until 1958.

How much is the 4 cent Lincoln postage stamp worth?

4 cents.

What is its value of a 4 cent Range Conservation postage stamp?

10 Cents

What is a Lincoln-Douglas Debates US 4 cent postage stamp worth?

4 cents.

How many different amounts of postage can you make out of 4 three cent stamps and 3 five cent stamps?

22 stamps

Elvis Presley 29 cent postage stamp?

Yes, there is a Elvis Presley 29 cent postage stamp.

What is a Eisenhower 6 cent postage stamp worth?

6 cents as postage.

What is the value of a 4 cent black and white Freedom of the Press US postage stamp?

.04, lol

What year were 4 cent stamps first issued?

First class postage went up to 4 cents in July ,1958, but they issued 4 cents stamps for many years before that. The first 4 cent stamp appeared around 1883, is deep blue green, pictures Andrew Jackson and is very rare.

Can you put 37 cent stamps on and add extra 2 cent stamps to cover postage?

Sure, as long as it equals to the proper amount of postage in the end.

What year was meter postage 1 cent?


What is the Value of Unused 1 cent US postage stamp?

Still one cent, unless the stamp is more than 70 years old, in which case it may be worth more.

Are there 5 and 10 cent value stamps?

Yes, there are 5 and 10 cent stamps. You can get stamps in a wide variety of values, though the most common are ones that reflect the current postage rates. And for many years, postage was 5 cents for a letter, and it was 10 cents for a while.

Could you use two forty-one cent stamps to cover your letter postage?

Yes, but that would be foolish. Buy some one-cent stamps to make up the 42 cent postage and save those 41 cent stamps.

How long three cent stamp last?

A three cent stamp will be good forever for US postage. Every US stamp issued since 1861 is valid for postage.

What year were postcards one cent postage?

Actually, the 1 cent postage on postcards was from July 1, 1898 to Jan. 1, 1952. I have a post card in my possession with a 1 cent stamp on it that was dated Oct. 24, 1934.

How old is a 4 sent stamp?

The US Post Office continues to make 4 cent stamps today. 4 cent stamps were issued to cover the first class rate of postage from 8/1/58 to 1/6/63.

What is the current value of a Harding 2 cent stamp?

what is the vaule of a one cent u.s postage stamp

When the postage rate is increased from 25 cent to 29 cent how much is the percent increased?

It is a 16% increase

How much did a Postage stamp cost in 1948?

3 cent

What was the price of a postage stamp in January 2008?

42 cent

How much is 5 cent postage stamp?

5 cents.

How much was first class postage in 1955?

Two cent.