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If you are talking about a Marlin mod. 39A, it was manufactured from 1939 to present. If you need anymore info please feel free to email me at and I will try to help as much as possible Thanks, Rick If you are refering to a stevens/savage model 39a, They were produced between 1939 - 1947.

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Q: What years was the model 39A produced?
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What years was the J Stevens Arms Co model 39A produced?

The Stevens Model 39A was produced between 1939 - 1947.

What year is the serial number Z14524 of your Marlin Golden 39A?

With the serial number that you provided,your Marlin model golden 39A was produced in the year 1964.

What year was a marlin golden 39a S7040?

The S prefix dates your marlin model 39a to the years 1958-1959.

Is a Marlin Model 39A the same as Marlin Model 39M?

The marlin model 39A is the rifle model,while the Marlin model 39M is the carbine model.

What year was a marlin 39a golden mountie v14163 made?

The V prefix to your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 39a was produced during the time span of 1961-august,1962.

What year was your Golden 39A mountie serial number R9630 produced?

marlin made the model 39A golden mountie from 1957-1972.yours was made in the time frame of 1957-1958.

What year was my marlin 39A serial number R19964 manufactured?

1959.The R prefix to your serial number dates your Marlin model 39A to the years 1957-1958.

How old is your model 39A serial number J18170?

Your marlin model 39A was made by the marlin firearms company in 1952.

What year and where do you get parts for Marlin Model 39D?

You can get parts directly from Marlin by calling 1-800-544-8892. this model was produced 1971-1973, all internal parts are same as the 39a, the 39d is basically a 20inch barreled pistol gripped 39a

What is the age of marlin model 39a serial number F7159?


What year marlin 39a golden serial number s12327?

Your marlin model 39A with the prefix letter S to the serial number,dates your marlin to the years 1958-1959.

What year was marlin lever action 22cal model 39A first made?


What is the age and value of Marlin Model 39A E278?

The E prefix dates your Marlin model 39A to the year 1948.The value of your Marlin model 39A can be between 200-450 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

What Year Marlin 39a serial M3384 made in?

When was Model 39A serial n7010 made

What is the date of mfg for a golden 39a with serial no Y7088?

Your marlin model 39A was made in 1964.

When was your Marlin made Serial Number 20293272 Model 39A?

Your marlin model 39A was made in the year 1980,with the serial number that you have supplied.

What year was marlin model 39a made?

No way of knowing without you providing a serial number to find the year of production of your Marlin model 39A.

When was Marlin model 39A golden serial AC22295 made?

The AC prefix indicates that your marlin model 39A golden was made by marlin in 1967.

What year was your Marlin model 39A made with serial number 19244214?

Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 39A was made in the year 1981.

When was the Springfield savage model 39A made?

I can say that the Savage/Stevens No 39 was made from 1938-1945.I cannot say if the model 39A is the same or not.

What year was your marlin golden 39a serial number AA8869?

Your marlin model 39a was made in 1965.

Marlin golden model 39-a what is a 22 long rifle marlin golden model 39-a?

The Marlin Model Golden 39A is the oldest and longest continuously produced shoulder firearm (rifle) in the world.

How old is a marlin 39a golden serial no z2796?

Your marlin model 39a golden was made by marlin in 1964.

What year was marlin 39A 22 caliber model number J18170 made?

The J prefix to your serial number indicates that your marlin model 39A was made in 1952.

What year did marlin go to micro groove rifling in the 39A?

Micro groove rifling began on the model 39A ,with the 3rd model,3rd variation which was in the year 1954.