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To the best of my knowledge and being the owner of a Python Target .38 Spl.; I believe from research I have done they were made only for one year in 1981.

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What years was the colt python target model made?

from what i've read, the target model 8" 38 special was made for 2 years '80 and '81

How long can bald python live?

A python can live between 20 to 40 years. a Bald Python can live between 20 to 40 years long. The longest living python was recorded at age 48. I have no ideal

What is a pythons average life span?

It depends on the species. Smaller ones such as the Royal python (Python regius) average about 18 years. Larger ones such as the Burmese python (Python molurus) can live for 40 years or more.

Can snakes live for 100 years?

It's unlikely ! A large python (such as a Burmese Python) can live to around 35 years.

How old does a ball python have to be to mate?

the python can be 2 years old or 2 older

What is the average age of python?

30 years

Sterling arms target t300 how do you find out how old it is?

Sterling Arms Corp of Gasport NY made the Model 283 Target 300 pistol in 1970-71. The 300L (light barrel) was made the same years.

What size should your burmese python be at 2 years?

Every Burmese Python I've bred - has grown to around 10 feet in two years.

How long is the life span of a python?

Pythons are a family of snakes. Their life span differs, depending on the species. The royal python, for instance, can have a life span of approximately 30 years, while a burmese python lives for about 20 years.

How does a python digest food?

Over 9000 years.

What is the lifespan of a Burmese Python?

25 years and up

What years did Colt Python make an elite?


How long does it take the sun to orbit its galaxy?

According to Monty Python, 200 million years.... That's quite sensible for Monty Python. The real answer is about 225 million years.

Is having a python for a pet a good idea?

It depends on the person and the kind of python. Pythons can be great pets for the right person. I have owned a Ball Python for five years and she has been great.

Life span of a ball python?

20 to 30 years

What is the Life span of a spotted python?

10 to 20 years

How many years can a ball python live?

they can live up to 30 years if healthy enough

How long does a ball python live?

from 25 to 35 years approximately..

What is the age of your colt python serial 13105e?

36 years old

How long can a python go without food?

about up to 3 years

How long can a African Rock Python live for?

20 to 40 years

How much time is a baby python carried?

5 years. and then some

How old is your Colt Python serial 31679E?

@35 years old

What years did sw make model 586 with a 2 inch barrel?

None. 1993 - 2.5 " bbl 1994 - 2.5" bbl in 38 Special for a Brazil contract.

How old and what is the value of your Smith and Wesson Model 60 38 Special 2 barrel serial R56307?

40-43 years; 10-350 USD Thank You

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