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Jews were removed by force from Germany starting in October 1941. By 1944 there were not many Jews left in Germany ...

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Q: What years were Jews taken away?
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What did Jews do in the holocaust?

They couldn't do nothing every right the Jews had was taken away.

What was life like for the Jews at the start of the holocaust?

By the start of the Holocaust the (affected) Jews had already suffered many years of discrimination, most Jews in Poland were in ghettos, Jews in Germany had most of their rights taken away from them.

What rights were taken away from the Jews by nazis?


When were the Jews not allowed to own pets?

In Germany the Jews' pets were taken away from them in September 1939.

What is the response of the Jews when the Jews are taken away?

They drank cups of tea to make themselves feel better.

What was taken away from Jews during the holocaust?

Everything. That's the short answer.

Why are Palestinians and Jews fight?

2000 years ago, after the death of Jesus, the Romans kicked the Jews out of Israel/Palestine. This period of time is called the Diaspora. In 1948, after WWII, the United Nations said the Jews could return to Palestine/Israel and have their own nation. The problem is in 2000 years, a lot of Palestine people moved into the land formerly occupied by the Jews/Israelis. So, you have a group of people, the Jews, who want to return to the land they taken away from by force 2000 years ago. You also have a group of people, the Palestine, who have lived on the land for the last 2000 years. Considering how much land was taken away from one group or another in the past, it is very difficult to give back all the land on the planet to it's original inhabitants. For example. a great deal of land in the USA was taken away from the Native Americans. It's obvious that the Native Americans are not going to get most of the land that taken away from them by force.

Was it just the Jews who got taken away during the holocaust?

no, the Jews were the main race taken but there were also gypsies, any free radicals that the Nazis could find.. anyone who was different was taken.

What right was faken away frim the jews by the Nuremberg laws on citizenship and race?

The right of citizenry was taken away from the Jews by the Nuremberg laws on citizenship and race.

What was taken away from the jews in the Holocaust?

their dignity , their hair , and their human rights , oh and their lifes

What did Jews do when their rights were taken away by Nazis?

There was nothing that they could do, the measures were an attempt to get the Jews to leave the country, but there were few places to go to.

How did the ghettos in the holocaust escape?

ghettos were places where Jews lived away from the Nazis they couldn't escape because they were a place where Jews were allowed in and could only sometimes go out .the Jews were usually taken away to the concentration camps after a while.

What was taken away from the Jews at concentration camps?

They took shoes clothes and possesions of any value away from the jews. They basically took anything. Including false teeth. They forced the jews to pull out theirn own false teeth.

What right was taken away from the Jews by the Nuremburg Laws on Citizenship and Race?

All of the answers are correct

Did the Jews receive compensation for personal items taken away during the Holocaust?

No they didn`t!

What were the specific taken away from the Jews during the holocaust?

Lives, shops, and the thought of being safe.

How were Jews taken away from their every day lives?

they were sent to concentration camps and slaughtered like animals.

Why did Jews run away from Germany in World War 2?

Becuse they would be taken to concentration camps.

Why did the Jews not rebel against the Nazis?

Because they were over powered and slaughtered in the night or taken away with no warning and no chance

How long were the Jews away from Palestine?

There have always been Jews in Palestine. They were not the majority between the years 132 CE and 1949 CE.

Why where the Jews taken to the ghettos?

Jews were taken by the Germans because the Germans, more spoken Hitler blamed the war on the Jews

How were the Jews' rights taken away?

Legislatively. Numerous governments would pass laws and edicts taking away Jews' inherent rights as human beings. The Romans, Spanish Kings, and the Nazis all acted through such mechanisms.

What rights were taken away from the Jews by the Nazis before 1939?

The rights to vote, hold political office, and other rights of citizenship.

Did the Jews have religion in the concentration camp?

yes, although the practicing of it was outlawed, no matter what was done to their bodies, reigion could not be taken away from them

Why was the vegetable man in Anne Frank's diary taken away by the Germans?

Because he had been hiding 2 Jews in his home and was caught.