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Hitler would have been the prime architect of the Nuremberg laws however he would have been advised by a number of people regarding the language of the laws.

The NSDAP formed these laws to take away many of the freedoms and liberties that Jews held in Germany prior to these laws.

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Germans created laws against Jews to wipe them away from the face of the earth. All the laws strips Jews off the civil rights. The main aim of such laws are to isolate them and eventually prosecute them.

The Nuremburg Statute, which relegated Jews to a non-human legal status, was very convenient for the Germans since it allowed them to carry out their program of genocide without any embarrassing legal quesitons being raised about the murder of innocent people.


The above is inaccurate. The Nuremberg Laws (1935) were about marriage and citizenship - and discriminated against Jews, but the German Jews still had a kind of residual citizenship until 1941 and those who abroad in 1935-41 did so on German passports. Oddly enough, many German Jews thought at the time that the Nuremberg Laws marked the end of their persecution ...

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To take away the rights of the German Jews.

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Q: Who created the Nuremberg laws and why?
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Why were the Nuremberg trails significant?

The Nuremberg trials were significant because Nuremberg was the city in Germany where the Nuremberg Laws were created, which deprived Jews of German citizenship. The trials were held in Nuremberg because it was almost like a punishment for the Nazis.

What nation were the Nuremberg laws passed in?

The Nuremberg laws were passed in Germany.

Why were the Nuremberg Laws significant?

They were proclaimed in Nuremberg.

What were limits and laws made to limit the Jews freedom?

The 1935 Nuremberg Laws were created to limit the Jews freedom.

What were ther Nuremberg laws?

The Nuremberg Laws were a series of sanctions against the Jewish people.

What group was target by the Nuremberg Laws?

The Nuremberg laws were designed to restrict the rights of Jews.

Is the Wannsee protocol part of the Nuremberg Laws?

No, though the Nuremberg Laws were mentioned at the Wannsee Conference.

In what nation was the Nuremberg laws passed?

In the nation that Nuremberg is (Germany)

Was the Nuremberg Laws before the Holocaust?

Yes, the Nuremberg Laws date from 1935. The Holocaust began in 1941.

What city were the Nuremberg laws announced at?

In Nuremberg itself - hence the nickname.

When was Nuremberg Charterhouse created?

Nuremberg Charterhouse was created in 1380.

When was Nuremberg Mahzor created?

Nuremberg Mahzor was created in 1331.