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What you mean by camera sensors?


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Camera sensors record the image when light hits it.


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Exploratory robots use motion, heat, and camera sensors.

The answer is in your question. They need smaller sensors to fit in smaller and smaller cameras. The full size DSLR camera has sensor as big as the old 35 mm film. Most compact camera have sensors the size of you fingernail or smaller.

A normal cameras capture the image on film which then requires developing. A digital camera has a pad of little sensors that capture the light and send a signal to a little computer chip that translates the Information to a viewable image. The resolution is better with more little sensors that can be packed onto the pad. A 10 megabyte camera has more sensors than a 5 megabyte camera, thus more resolution

The sensors that an engineer puts on a robot are entirely dependent upon the functions that the engineer perceives that the the robot will be called upon to perform. Some, but not all, of the sensors may be: proximity sensors, pressure sensors, light sensors, magnetic sensors, a camera, temperature sensors, accelerometer, speed sensor... The question isn't, "what sensors does a robot have", but rather, "what sensors does the engineer think that the robot should have?"

Sensors are devices that can take the light let into the camera and convert the bits of data into colored pixels, "digitalizing" it, if you will. The two sensors are CCD (charge coupled device) and CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors. They each have their pros and cons and are used in different cameras for different reasons.

Most digital camera sensors are sensitive to a small range of IR, as well as visible light.

There is no definition of Dalsa. Dalsa is a Canadian company that specialises in designing and manufacturing electronic imaging components like camera, sensors, image sensors.

It's mean - Camera, you've got a camera.

A Pentax camera lens is special because of its perfect compact efficient design for the Pentax cameras. They have the digital camera sensors and autofocus which gives you the very best performance for a great price.

Single Lens Reflex Camera.

You must mean Oxygen sensors. There are 2 upsteam (O2 sensors) and there are 2 downstream (catalyst moniters).

horizontal movement of the camera on the tripod

In Latin, camera means "chamber" (room).

The package consist of garage opener, rear back up camera and sensors, and remote start.

there are no front camera's on your phone....i have the same one and the two dots at the front are just sensors

Weather balloons don't carry cameras. They carry packages of atmospheric sensors in what is called a radiosonde.

"Mooning a camera" means that you turn around , and pull down your underwear and expose your behind to the camera .

Actually,Light are contionuous sinosudial waves and these waves are abosorded by light sensors[this light sensors are in form of grid inside camera or picture caputre device].These sensors send signals in the form of "0" or "1" to monitor or memory buffer to store physical world space.

The Cassegrain reflector with 2 mirrors, an infrared camera (NICMOS), a survey camera (ACS), wide field optical camera (WFC3), UV spectrograph (COS), optical spectrometer (STIS), 3 fine guidance sensors (FGS).

If you mean a camera that faces you while you look at the screen the answer is no.

it's how fast the camera travels though the air after you chuck it.

Several vehicles come with sensors and cameras to assist in parking. Amazon sells several parking sensors that you can personally install on your car. Rear view camera monitors can also be purchased.

You mean camera obscura. See "How does camera obscura work?" on this site or visit

yes! CCTV is an embedded system coz it is combination of many electrical parts e.g sensors etc.

Photographs can be taken using film or sensors that can detect ultraviolet light. These photos can be printed as 'false colour' images with ultraviolet colours converted to colours that we can see

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