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Whats a phloem?

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It is cell tissue that tranport manufactured food from the leaves of plant to all parts of the plant and storage organs

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Whats the difference between xylem and phloem?


What does phloem transport?

phloem transports food

Drawing xylem and phloem?

Phloem is on the outside.

What does the phloem do?

A phloem transports food to a plant.

What does the phloem carry?

phloem carries food

Do Vascular plants have phloem?

Phloem as well as xylem

Is phloem in a plant or in an animal?

Phloem is found in plants.

Where are the xylem and phloem located?

Phloem is located in the stem.

What are the constituents of phloem?

i) Sieve tubes (ii) Companion cells (iii) Phloem parenchyma (iv) Phloem fibres

What is made up of dead phloem protects the phloem beneath it?

When secondary growth sets in, the primary phloem is pushed and crushed towards cortex, it ultimately protects secondary phloem.

What is a sentence for phloem?

A plant's Vascular is made up of Phloem............

Is phloem a plant or animal cell?

phloem is a plant cell

What is old phloem called?

the old phloem is called bark

Are phloem cells alive?

Yes, Phloem cells are alive.

Are phloem cells dead or alive?

Phloem cells are alive.

What is a sieve phloem?

The cells having sieve like perforations in their cell walls present in phloem are the sieve tubes of the phloem.

What is phloem sap?

Phloem sap is the watery fluid transported in the phloem that contains sugars and other metabolites that have originated from the leaf.

How do you use 'phloem' in a sentence?

"Phloem is a word that the person asking this question doesn't know how to use in a sentence"In vascular plants, phloem is the living tissue that carries organic nutrients.The phloem is composed of still-living cells that transport sap.Phloem tubes sit on the outside of the xylem in most plants.

Differences between plant xylem and phloem and fruit xylem and phloem?

Phloem transports food and xylem transports water and minerals:)

Why does water follow the sugar as it moves through the phloem?

What's The phloem

Nonvascular plants do not have xylem and phloem?

Yes they lack xylem and phloem .

Is the xylem or the phloem closer to the cortex?


Are auxins transported in xylem or phloem?

Auxins are transported in the phloem, not the xylem.

Do nonvascular plants have xylem and phloem?

Nonvascular plants do not have xylem and phloem, only vascular plants have xylem and phloem.False, they do only vascular plants have the xylem and phloem in their unique plant body here it is tada!!!

Describe the position of xylem and phloem in a stem?

xylem in the root and phloem in the stem

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