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1. Likes emo music like rites of spring, MCR, jimmy eat world, alexisonfire, taking back Sunday, Hawthorne heights, matchbook romance, embrace, funeral for a friend, etc

2. Expresses emotion

3. Might wear tight jeans, studded belts, band shirts and might have a hair fringe. Otherwise would have cropped haia and glasses. Or a hair fringe

4. Myspace

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Do you want to be emo?

whats is an emo

Is Richard wisker emo?

No. He hasn't really shown any signs of being 'emo' and he wears normal clothes, nice clothes actually :)

Whats more similair to emo is it goth or punk?

Emo is a subgenre of punk music.

What are the signs of someone being bullied or trying to kill themselves?

The people are having a lot of stress and are basically emo.

Do emo girls like non-emo guys or is it possible for a non-emo guy to get a emo girl to like him?

they must have converted to being emo soon for it to happen. If the girl is sterotype emo then Most likly no. they do alot of dating withen the group. If they do find you attractive the relashinip will not last actually, as an emo, I can say that not all emo girls go for emo guys. emo girls can date non-emo guys if she wants to. the only thing that matters is whats on the inside.

How do you make youre pocket emo be emo?

by being a pocket emo to yourself

Are you weird for being Emo?

emos are weird stop being emo!!! 3:)

Is metalcore emo?

metal? emo? 'emo' and 'metalcore' are different genres 'emo' being 'emotional rock'

Can I do A Emo Hairstyle Without Being Emo?

Yes but if people mistake you for an emo, correct them.

Whats the name of an emo style side fringe?


How can you stop being emo?

You can't stop being emo, but you can always become a 'Happy Emo'. Happy Emos such as myself are still emo but we just don't self harm.

How can you figure out if you are emo or not?

this phrase helped me alot emo is not cutting your wrists or always being sad or wanting to kill emo is emotional emo is being yourself to tell you the truth emo is a music genre so next time when you talk about emo learn what emo is first

How do you know if im an emo?

being emo is a trend and has absolute NOTHING to do with being diagnosed anything!

Why do people like to be emo?

people who are emo, at least when i was emo, i didn't like being emo it was the worst time of my life i was super depressed..... and if people cut themselves it is the lowest feeling so trust me. being emo is not fun.

Do Emos have to be interested in emo music?

Yes then whatโ€™s the point of being emo

Can you have friends and be emo?

Baka. Of course! Do you know anything about being emo?

Is goth and emo a counterculture?

no, being goth or emo isn't a culture.

Is being emo fun?

yes being emo is fun in some kinda way but it's not ment for fun

How do you be a healthy emo I've been a emo for a while now and I'm ready to start being healthy again but I don't want to drop being emo how do I have a healthy ballance of activitys and exercise?

I'm emo but I do alot of activities. Being emo doesn't mean you sit around at home all day.

Am I still EMO if I never kissed a boy and am not willing to do so?

Kissing a boy has nothing to do with being EMO or not. If you wish to be EMO, then you are EMO. If you wish to not be EMO, then you are not EMO. A fashion does not define who you are. Be who you wish to be. Kissing boys is not a requirement.

Whats the difference between scene and emo?

way they dress, the hair style, how they act, what they do

Are emo girls more cute than normal girls?

No, being emo will not make a girl automatically cuter. There are emo girls who are cuter than non-emo girls and the other way round too, being emo really has nothing to do with cuteness at all.

Can you look emo without actually being emo?

Definitely but be prepared people will probably end up calling you emo

What are the simtomps of being emo?

You act like its a disease...its a lifestyle you would know if you were emo or not...and if your striving to be emo your just a poser.

Do you have to be EMo to cut urself?

No, you dont have to be emo to cut yourself. Loads of people cut themselves without being emo.