Whats better World of Warcraft orrunescape?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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World of Warcraft because runescape sucks and warcraft is a huge game and its fun to play but it is a little nerdy but all games like this is but it is a very addicting game

rs is the best ever

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Q: Whats better World of Warcraft orrunescape?
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Whats better the first world of Warcraft or the second?

They are not different games, they are just addons that add more features and content to the game to continue the end game adventure. They are all World of Warcraft.

Whats better RuneScape or World of Warcraft?

The better game between RuneScape and World of Warcraft is subjective and depends on personal preferences. RuneScape is known for its unique quests and skill-based progression, while World of Warcraft offers a more traditional MMORPG experience with rich lore and a larger player base. It's recommended to try both games to see which one aligns better with your gaming preferences.

What is better world of Kung Fu or World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft for sure

In World of Warcraft whats the best race?

dependidng o what you like

What is better World of Warcraft or Legend of Zelda series?

World Of Warcraft for sure

What is better World of Warcraft guild wars or runescape?

world of warcraft <untetected infliction>

Who plays World of Warcraft?

A better question is "who doesn't play world of warcraft?" between 9,000,000 and 10,000,000 people play world of warcraft

Who is better Star Trek online or World of Warcraft?

OHHH,Definatly World of Warcraft!:p

Is Silk Road Online better than World of Warcraft?

No, World of Warcraft is infinitely times better than lol, SRO.

Which game is better warhammer or World of Warcraft?

The obvious answer is World Of Warcraft as it is more popular and better then warhammer. it has over 12 million players

Which is better World of Warcraft or guild wars?

It depends on your individual gaming preferences. Personally, I prefer World of Warcraft though.

What is better RS or Club Penguin?

World of Warcraft