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Whats causeing traffic in Los Angeles?


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fire trucks cause early traffic delays


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45 min. without traffic, 1 hour with traffic

Traffic is always a main concern in Los Angeles, CA. Currently in Los Angeles traffic is a little high because it is 7pm. It is just now getting over rush hour.

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Burbank is 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles which is usually an hour and a half because of all the traffic.

On average, about 50 minutes, depending on where in Los Angeles you start from and how much traffic there is.

For car, 5 hours with traffic. Without traffic, in car, 4 and a half hours. In an airplane, 1 hour.

21-22 hours, depending on traffic

Sadly a car. But traffic is a mess

Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles

NCIS Los Angeles - 2009 Human Traffic 2-1 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

Bus 509 and 574 I suggest 509 as your best because 574 goes through Downtown Los Angeles with traffic 509 has no traffic just takes Hollywood BLVD around through Hollywood then jumps back in los angeles without traffic

Disneyland is approximately 27 miles from Los Angeles' city center. It takes about forty minutes to drive (double that in heavy traffic).

About 4 hours really depends on the traffic it could be less or more and were you going in Los Angeles too.

21-22 hours, depending on traffic.

21-22 hours, depending on traffic.

Its about 45 to 50 min if theres no traffic

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Yeah you can take a course that is Los Angeles County approved!

around 5-6 hours dependin on traffic

20 to 21 hours depending on traffic

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