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You would probably spend most your time trying to justify being naked to others when there is no good reason for it

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Q: Whats it like being a nudist?
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Is being a nudist means acceptance?

Being a nudist means that you like being naked. Nudists feel that the naked body is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Many nudists just like the feeling of the air on their bodies instead of being covered with heavy clothes.

Why are there such places as nudist beaches and stuff like that?

There are nudist beaches because some people enjoy being at the beach and just being in nature with no clothing on. Its a different experience to an everyday thing.

What is the minimum age for a female nudist?

there are no age limits to being a nudist any one or any age may be a nudist.

Is being a nudist illegal?

There are no laws against being a nudist. There are laws about being nude in public. so just watch out where and when you are nude.

What is the technical term for a nudist?

You like to get naked.

What is it called if you like to be naked?

the term would be a nudist

Whats it like being famous?

people will know you and you will have fans

How do you become a nudist?

If you feel no shame about your body and anyone else's body then you are already living the nudist lifestyle. It's not really a lifestyle it's just us being us we've we're born nudists some of us just have to get back to that thus once we get back to that we call ourselves 'nudists'. Personally I don't like call myself a 'nudist' I'm just being me.

How do you spell nudist?

Nudist is the correct spelling.

Do nudist exist?

it would be likely if your a pervert or something like that

Is there nudist beaches in turkey?

Yes there is nude beaches in Turkey but I do not know the name of the place but surely there is place like the nudist beach in Turkey.

What was it like for john f Kennedy's family growing up?

They were nudist

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