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Whats the best breed of horse?


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The Cob Is Great But Throughbreds Are Best .

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try polo pony and /or quarterhorse think the Arabian breed is the best breed for horse racing

A: The best breed for racing is a Thoroughbred!

My first horse was an arabian named All about me and she was the best. get an arabian. There is no one 'best' breed for a first horse. In reality you shouldn't even be concerned about the breed in the beginning. You should be more concerned with if the horse is overall suitable for you and your goals, things like breed should be considered last.

There doesn't seem to be a 'Best' breed of horse, it just doesn't exist, a horse is a horse, you cant get a best horse, unless you train and give it lessons to the max, just pick a good horse you like, I suggest. :)

a Golden Retriever !!!!

It REALLY depends on what you plan to use the horse for.

It depends on where you are asking about, and for what purpose. Out of stock-breed horses, the most popular is the Quarter Horse. Arabians are popular for a lot of different reasons. Racing = Thoroughbreds, and so on.

All horse breeds can be great, but all have their differences. Best Western breed would most likely be the Quarter Horse and best English breed most likely Dutch Warmblood, or any Warmblood.

a miniature horse is a great carting breed and there ya go folks

There is no perfect horse breed for starters.It depends on how the horse acts.I am a professional horse trainer and I would say its best to choose an older horse that is trained well and knows what to do.

The Arabian horse was bred specifically for endurance in the desert.

an appendix, quarter horse or a appaloosa and a palomino

This is a matter of opinion, so there is no answer for this. To me, the Tennessee Walking horse, or the Quarter horse, or the Mustang or the Appaloosa is the best. However, other people may think the Thoroughbred or the Arabian is the best. It is up to you and your experience with a breed that determines which one you veiw as the "best"

All breeds of horse are equally the best. There is no one breed that is any better than the other.

It all depends on the horses personality. But the best horse for beginners is the American Quarter Horse. They are a very intelligent breed and are known for their sweet personality's.

No a Piston is not a breed of horse.

a piant horse is a breed

The breed of her horse is a Quarter Horse!

The breed of horse is a Thoroughbred, it is the horse that the cars are named after.

yes a yealand is a horse

No... It may be a stable name, but it isn't a horse breed. An Arabian horse is a real horse breed though.

There is no "best" breed of horse. Different horses are good at different things. Quarter horses are best at racing short distances, Thoroughbreds are best at racing longer distances, Arabians are best at endurance, and Standardbreds are the best harness racers. No horse is the "best" breed. You have to see what's right for what you want to do with them. Also, don't pick a horse because of its breeding/lineage. Its the heart that counts! : )

A Virtual Horse, yep, that's what it is called :) the good thing about it is that the horse don't die lol.

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