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Whats the best fire Pokemon?

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Arcanine( growlithe's evolution)

It has awesome attack, awesome defence, awesome everything. (plus for the doggy look :3)

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Either moltres or infernape

the best Pokemon in fire red is lugiaAnswerthe best Pokemon in fire red is lugia

it really depends what Pokemon you prefer but the best is probably palkia

deoxys if you can get it

i think the best fire type in silver is entie

The best legendary fire type is ho-oh. The best non-legendary fire type Pokemon is charizard.

deoxys or magikarp......

It depends on what you like. Every Pokemon is different.

Pokemon mysery dungeon 2 and Pokemon pearl-diamond

depending on your view either arceus or mewtwo is best

elite four again and again.worked for me

That's a matter of opinion(myne is Giratina)

arcanine is the best fire type in leaf green and fire red

the best fire Pokemon in pearl version is chimchar ,monferno , and infernapeHeatron is also a good fire Pokemon

the best card is a charzard the does 200 damage and has 200 hp

i chose Ninetailes is the best.

only you can answer that because everybody has a diffrent answer....whats your favorite

it has to be either these three: Arceus,Mewtwo or Regigigas

Try Pokemon Indigo, its kinda like the DS games but on computer

It depends if you have a way you can cheat or not

The best is if you fight with fire pokemon.