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Save file to a computer, then burn to DVD disk

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Q: Whats the best way to copy video camera to DVD?
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How do I capture video in Final Cut Express?

File > Log and Capture... Capture will record and save video from a tape based video camera. Transfer will copy video to your computer from a hard-drive based video camera.

Can you copy a video from a video camera to a CD?

Yes, you'll have to put it onto the computer first them burn it to a cd.

How do you make a YouTube video from TV show clips?

well just get your video of your camera and copy it on and add some music then post it ...

How do you copy video from digital camera to DVD?

Use your computer if it's got a burner. eD

How do you send in a video filmed on a digital camera to be entered for the America's Funniest Home Videos?

Connect the Digital camera to a DVD recorder and copy the tape to DVD. Send them the DVD copy. You can also use a computer if the computer has Audio/Video inputs and a DVD burner.

JVC Video Camera Download Instructions?

You can download a video from your JVC video camera. Use a USB cable to connect your computer and camcorder. Turn on your computer. Wait for the "new hardware detected" message to appear. If the JVC software doesn't start automatically, click the message to launch the program. Select "File", then "Open" and choose the video stored on your camera that you want to download. Choose "Download Files" to save a copy on your computer.

Whats the best mp3 download site?

MP3 Skull and Free MP3 download are good mp3 download sites. You can also use a YouTube converter and copy and paste the URL of a YouTube video into the converter and it will convert it into a mp3.

How do you copy a video from a website an upload it to Youtube?

You can copy the 'Embed' code that is under the video :)

Where is the url in YouTube?

To get the URL of a video, you can:Copy the link from your web browser's address barRight-click the video and select "Copy video URL" or "Copy video URL at current time"

What is the xbox 360 Kinect?

It is a camera that will have your avatar copy the same movements you make. Also it allows you to have video chats with other gamers over Xbox Live.

What is meant by TS in movie download names?

It means telesnyc. When a movie tag with ts, it means that the movie is only a camera copy or with low quality of video.

Where can one purchase a copy of the video game Call of Duty?

One can purchase a copy of the video game Call of Duty from stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Gamestop. You can even buy this video game online from these stores.

How do you copy videos to usb?

You cant copy the video itself to the usb because it is simply to big. But you can copy the shortcut the the video or the link to the video. If you want ferther detail on how to do this message me

How do you put your pictures back onto your camera after sending them to your desktop?

copy them onto your camera

Can you copy a video game?

You could copy a video game as long as its on a disk and if you have the right programs on your PC

Is it possible to delete a portion of the CCTV camera footage in making a copy of what is contained in the camera?


How do you copy a video from youtube onto a flash drive?

You will have to be able to download the video. Only the uploader of the video can download a copy of the video from YouTube unless the license is Creative Commons.

How do you burn a DVD from webcam?

Backup/Copy video DVD, you can try RZ DVD COPY, it can copy video DVD to computer hard drive folder,

1889 Morgan silver dollar on reverse it has a copy whats that mean?

It means it's not real. a copy and or fake.

How do i copy from video to DVD?

by poo

How do you upload photos from a Kodak camera?

Use the usb cable to connect the camera to computer, and then you can see the camera in My Computer. Double click on camera and copy the photos to computer hard disk.

How do you download a pic from the camera to your computer?

If you mean put the picture onto a folder on the computer then connect your camera to your PC with the connecting lead which you usually get with cameras then, go on its files and copy and paste the picture into the folder. That way you keep it on your camera and have a copy on your computer!

How do you connect a Canon Vixia HV40 video camera to a mac with a usb cable?

Your best bet is to visit the Canon site for a manual on your Vixia HV40. The manual will tell you how to connect the video camera to your Mac computer (via USB cable). The URL posted below takes you to the Canon site. Copy and paste the URL into your address bar.Note: You will need to know the model number of your Vixia to find the correct manual.

How do you copy and paste a YouTube video?

If its to a bebo account or something you go to your video thing and then upload then insert url, and copy and paste the website address of the video you want..!Hope this helps..!