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Whats the best way to make a girl like you?

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Flirt with her, but not too much, don't try to make a move if your not sure, but make sure she knows your interested, and don't pressure her into liking you.

how do you make a girl start talking to you

2007-12-26 22:56:35
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Q: Whats the best way to make a girl like you?
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How can you make a girl cry?

whats wrong with you

How do you work things out when the girl you like best friend likes you and so the girl you like cant like you back?

Just make it clear that you don't like the best friend that way, then make it clear who you truly like.

How do you make your 2 best friends not like the girl you like?

Tell her they REALLY like her, but not as much as you.

What are the best tips to make a girl like you?

here are some tips to get a girl to like you: make eye contact, make a conversation, be nice, and just be yourself. hope this helps. :)

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How do you make a boy not like the girl you like?

Type your answer here..make another cute girl like him then make the girl say i like you

How do girls make boys like them?

A girl can't MAKE a boy like her, but the best thing a girl can do is to be herself. That way, when a girl does meet a boy that likes her, he will like her for who she really is and that will make the girl very happy inside. Or if you were to like make the boy like you he would probably not think of you as you realy are i like a boy named Andy and im not a shy gurl but he likes shy gurls:(

Should you move on if he doesn't like you anymore?

Of course! if he doesnt like you bak then he isn't good enough for you! you need to know that if its meant to be it will be! he doesnt like you, well then don't make him think that he is the best because he has some girl chasing after him.... but what would really make him the best is if he took notice of you and how beautiful you are. it sounds like you are a sweet person so if he cant see whats on the inside then he is just not worth!! don't waist your time chasing someone who is too blind to see whats on the inside! (don't like someone just for their looks)

Whats the best way to tell a girl with a boyfriend you love her?

note: If you do tell her, try to do it calmly and don't appear too upset. That will really make her frenzied, and the last thing you want is a girl that almost hates you.

You like this girl but she is going out with your best friend what do you do?

Try to make your friend look bad.

If you make eye contact with a girl to tell them you like them but they think that your going out with someone how do you tell them you are not with out really telling them yourself?

Be joking around with your friends when she is by you then be like whats it matter its not like a have a girlfriend to impress anyways

What should you do to make a girl loves you?

You can't make someone love you or like you. They are not a object, but a person with feelings and choice. The best you can do is be yourself and hope for the best.

What do you do if you like a boy and his best friend knows but the boy you like doesn't?

Then the best friend should tell the boy that this girl likes him and after he knows the girl likes him the girl should go over and ask him out if you like him that much or make a conversataion with him so he knows that the girl really does like him and that's when they start off a relationship.

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How does a girl make conversation with a really shy guy?

by asking about family and what he likes for example do you like foot ball or so whats you sisters name or brothers name

What is the best girl game?

The best girl game is girlgogame because it has girl in it and no boy game of cause like why would they put boys games when the title is girlgogame for short you can make your self and have friends thats 1 of the best girl game or moviestarplant

How do you make a girl tell you who they like?

How you make a girl tell you who they like is tough. A girly girl will tell her best friend if you beg her and beg her. Then a tomboy doesn't really have expressions. You would have to ask unushal questions un til she had to say who she likes

What to do if the girl your best friend likes like you?

If you like her back, ask her out. If you don't like her, make sure she really actually does like you, but tell her you want to be only best friends and nothing more.

What do you do if your girl best friend has a crush on you but you re straight?

Just stay friends with them but do not make it seem like yu like her like thati guess??

Whats the best excericise for your stomach to make it skinnier?

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You like this girl but dont know if she likes you so how do you get her to like you?

Just go forward, ask to take her out for lunch or dinner. Make her feel at ease by cracking jokes. Later tell her whats on your mind.

Whats is a the best way to get revenge on a girl or group of girls?

AnswerThe best thing for a girl who likes to make snide comments is to make them back to her but in the sweetest way possible, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.AnswerSo, you want to be just like the girl(s) that caused you grief? Sounds like a good idea but in order to "win", you'll actually have to be worse. Just don't forget that revenge ALWAYS hurts the perpetrator more than the target.For some reasonable answers, see the related questions below.

You really like this girl but she is with one of your best friends?

You could tell her, but it might make your friendship different.

Whats the Best date to make a girl want you?

just say hey baby i wanna go balls deep inside of you nd take her back to ur place and hump her silly!!! lol no i was joking take her somwhere nice like um take her to a show or a movie or sumthing like that

If a girl kisses you on the neck what do you do?

Dude there is no right way to make out!! Just do whats natural and go with the flow!!