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You shouldn't really have much voltage "drop". If you do, it usually means that there is a poor connection somewhere along your service line or inside wiring. Any significant amount of voltage drop can mean that you are at risk of a fire. On the other hand, line voltage into a house may not actually be 240 VAC. Measure the ACTUAL voltage with everything turned off, then see where it goes when you start turning things back on. The difference between the supplied voltage and the load voltage is the voltage "drop".

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Q: Whats the permissible voltage drop in a 240V system?
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240 refers to the voltage used in an electrical system. The US uses 120V/240V, while the UK uses just 240V.

What is Voltage in Australia?

240V ,50hz.

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the voltage of the mains electricity in the UK

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Same as in Australia, 240V.

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if you are talking about the peak voltage of 240v it is actualy about 340v

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Australia runs 240v

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240V 50HzAnswerThe statutory voltage is 230 V (+10%/ -6%).

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The basic formula for the Voltage, Current, Power relationship is P=I*E. To find one when the other two are known, simply fill in the two you know and solve. In this case P=1000W and Voltage = 240V (It is important that you pay attention to the unit definer here, if it were 240 mV, you would have Voltage = .240V and so on). 1000W = I * 240V I = 1000W/240V I = 4.17A

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It depends on the voltage source. watts = voltage * voltage / resistance and amps = voltage / resistance example 1: To produce 600W from a 120V source, you need a resistor of size 120V*120V/600W = 24 Ohm. This would pull 120V/24 Ohm = 5 amps. example 2: To produce 600W from a 240V source, you need a resistor of size 240V*240V/600W = 96 Ohm. This would pull 240V/96 Ohm = 2.5 amps.

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Cost is based on watts not voltage...pkazsr

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Simple answer..NO.

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This is a three phase four wire system. The three phase voltage is 415 volts. To find the star point voltage divide 415 x 1.73 = 239.8 or 240 volts.

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Changing the plug will not change the power needed to run the saw. If the saw has a dual voltage motor then a wiring change can be done to switch the saw from 240 to 110 volts. If it is not a dual voltage system then the saw must be fed with 220 volts.