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144 hp @3200 rpm + 280 ft. lb. torque @1500rpm source: Chilton Book Company (book 6739)

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How much horsepower does a 1995 stock 350 stock engine have?

it has 43 horsepower stock

What is the stock horsepower for a 350 Chevy engine?

Stock horsepower on a 350 varies from 145-370.

Stock horsepower of dodge 3.7 engine?

It punches out 210 horsepower.

What is the horsepower of a stock 1989 Ford Mustang with a 302 engine?

The stock engine, a 5.0 or in reality a 4.9 liter had approx 225 horsepower.

What is the stock horsepower for a Ford 429 engine?

The stock horsepower for a Ford 429 engine is 320. The Ford 429 engine was used on Ford vehicles made in the 1950s and 1960s.

Whats the horsepower on a 2001 s10 zr2?

The stock horsepower rating for the ZR2's 4.3L V6 is 190.

Stock 1972 Chevy 350 horsepower?

The 1972 Chevy 350 has about 270 horsepower stock. This engine can be modified to put out up to about 800 horsepower.

Whats the factory horsepower of a 6 cylinder camaro?

140 HP stock

What is the horsepower of the cummins diesel engine ia a 1990 Dodge pickup truck?

if the engine is stock it has 160 horsepower

How much horsepower can a stock fiero v6 hold?

The standard stock Chevrolet V-6 engine has 160 horsepower. The horsepower of a V-6 engine can vary greatly, due to many different factors.

Is my1987 jeep wagoner fuel injected?

If it is a stock engine; or if when you look at the engine, there is a large, round air cleaner on top of it, then it is carbureted, not fuel injected If it is a Wagoneer then it is fuel injected in 87. If it is a Grand Wagoneer then it is carburated.

Whats the Stock horsepower for a 87' 2.8L GMC Jimmy?

125 hp

What is the horsepower for a 96 gmc z71 350 vortec engine?

It has 255 horsepower bone stock

How much horsepower does a raptor 660 have?

The Raptor 660 has about 38 to 40 horsepower in the stock engine. This can be modified to increase the horsepower.

What is the horsepower on your D16 vtec motor?

Stock engine 127hp

How much horsepower does a stock 1985 trans am have?

Depends on the engine

How much horsepower does a stock 1997 Honda civic lx have?

106 H.P. A 106-horsepower 4-cylinder engine powered the CX, DX, and LX. The HX had a 115-horsepower engine. The EX had a 127-horsepower engine.

What is the stock hp of 5.3L engine 5.3 L 2000 Chevy silverado horsepower?

285 horsepower

How much horsepower does a 2004 sierra 6.0 liter have?

Stock engine

How much horsepower does a 89 camaro RS have stock?

Depends on engine

How much horsepower is in a mustang?

That varies , what year ? what engine size ? is it stock ?

How much horsepower does a stock T444E international engine have?


Whats the hp of a stock 4.3L vortec engine?


How much horsepower does a stock 1995 351 Windsor have?

The standard horsepower of associated with a 1995 351 cubic and Ford engine is 215. The engine horsepower was available in several different options.

Can synthetic oil add horsepower to an engine?

yes it can... get royal purple it adds up to 15% of your stock horsepower

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