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your battery is either lose or dead check that

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Q: Whats wrong with the car ifThe charging system comes on but the engine just clicks?
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the engine will turn over but sometimes wont start. it also sometimes dies while its idling. whats going on

Why engine light flashes on a 2002 vortex 5.3 engine?

There is a problem with the emissions system. Need to have engine scaned with a engine scanner, and it will tell you were the problem is and whats going on.

How do you reset 2005 equinox check engine light?

That requires an OBD2 engine scanner. If you did not fix the reason that it came on then it will just come back on. There is a problem in the emission system or Transmission system. Need to have engine scanned to see whats going on.

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huh? whats up w/ your sohc 2.2

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Service soon reminds that the next periodic service is coming due. The engine light indicates that the engine management system has detected a fault which effects efficiency/safety and should be investigated

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whats the answer

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