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Sometimes this can be caused by hemorrhoids, which are varicose veins in that area. But don't take a risk as there is the possibility of it being a number of more serious conditions, and it is very important to get it checked out. You'll either have nothing to worry about, or be able to get treatment sooner rather than later.

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How do you reboot a kyocera cricket Android phone?

my phone is blinking off and on whats wrong with it and how to fix it ?

What do you do when your piercing bleeds?

clean the blood off.

Malibu just shuts off after it runs awhile whats wrong?

check for bad crank sensor!!

What happened to Joe Jonas's hand?

He fell off of a bike and broke his hand. So that's whats wrong with him.

Whats wrong when i Turned key off on car but something kept running then white smoke?

The ignition timing is out

Where is the crank sensor on the 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo?

whats wrong my starter wire caaame off how do i put it back on

Whats wrong if the x7 pocketbike turns on then it turns off?

?æWhat is wrong, would depend on any other symptoms that have happened along with this. Most commonly, it is electrical or lack of fuel.?æ

How do you repair the ABS on a Kia?

it all depends whats wrong with it, it may be the brain of the system or it could just6 be your wheel speed sensors throwing it off

What happens if you pick your mole?

That very nasty to see, hear and do. If you pick the mole off it bleeds and bleeds and bleeds. it'll stop after a day or 2 then it'll heal up leavin a scar behind. use mole remover medicine or technology.

Plymouth Voyager 1998 will not start because of alarm system?

you can only use diagnostic equipment to turn the alarm off or see whats wrong with it and garages rip you off on the prices they charge ezza1969

Whats wrong when with the heater when it blows hot air sometimes and has new thermostat?

Heaters come on and off the keep the room at a particular temperature. If you don't want it to come on and off turn the switch to off. Don't keep it on auto or fan.

643.82 rounded off whats the answer?

643.82 round off.

98 dodge truck runs but when you step on gas it wants to stall or backfires and dies down but doesnt stop whats wrong with it?

Sounds like your timing is off

How do you turn off service engine light on 2003 Pontiac Aztec?

You have to fix what is wrong or you can disconnect the battery and reconnect. if you take the car to most autoparts stores they can read your codes and tell you whats wrong it mya be as simple as your fuel cap

Why do your towels pickup a pink coloring in wash?

because the ink washes off the towel & bleeds out the towel

Whats wrong with your breaks on your 1994 Plymouth acclaim when your breaks don't work when your light comes on but when your brake light goes off your breaks will work again?

maybe it's time to get a new car.... ahh and mate.... you spelt "brakes" wrong....

You have a 99 Chevy Metro and your fan belt came off and the engine over heated you replaced the belt but now neither the heater nor the temp gauge works whats wrong?

Well the problem is that they do not have fan belts. You were looking at the wrong car.

You believe your 1999 mercury tracer has jumped time but cannot get the cover off whats the best way to get the bottom 2 bolts out to remove cover?

if memory serves me, you are going to have to remove the crank pulley to get the cover off without breaking it.

How do you fix mi Honda Odyssey temperature dash?

depends on whats wrong with it, it could be as simple as just needing to take the front of the dash off and repositioning the needle that reads the temperature

What is 20 percent off 17 dollars?

whats 20% off 17.00dollars

Where is the oil pump on 94 camaro?

It is inside of the oil pan,and that is whats bolted to the bottom of the engine.On that year you will have to pull the engine almost all the way out to get the oil pan off. BIG JOB.

Islands off the coast of Venezuela?

whats the climate.

1995 camaro it starts but as soon as you let go of the key switch and it falls back the car shut off any clue on whats wrong or how to fix it?

Could be a bad ignition switch

How to Turn off check engine light 2002 blazer?

You will need a engine scanner to do that. But if you did not fix the problem that made it come on then it will just come back on. You need to have engine scaned to see whats wrong.

Can anyone please tell you where the crankshaft sensor is on an Olds intrigue 2000 the car is cutting off and AutoZone placed their computer on it and said that was whats wrong thank you?