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Whatshould I do if the guy im dating call when he wants like waits 1 or 2 day goes buy and he will call. What does this mean?


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What gives you the idea that a guy that you are dating is obliged to call you more often than after every first or second day? Is he working? Does he have any family obligations? Does he go out with the "guys?" Let's be clear about one thing: You are setting the standard. You probably feel that he should call you every day. But did you ever consider that this is your idea of a relationship? Get with it! Start considering his idea. This is exactly what a relationship is all about: adjusting to each other's needs and habits. Yes, he can call you whenever he wants to. This is an adjustment you have to make to your thinking. Read more about dating in Meyer's book on relationships "Marriages, Shack-ups and Other Disasters."