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Q: When did the first movements of resistance begin against European control of African territories?
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What two African territories were free of European control in 1914?


Which two European powers controlled the most African territories?

Britain & France

Was African resistance to European imperialism very effective and did it drove the europeans out of Africa?


How did Great Britain's capture of the Suez Canal contribute to increased European imperialism in Africa?

It demonstrated the economic value of African territories to other European countries.

How did great britain's capture of the suez canal contribute to increased european imperialism in africa?

It demonstrated the economic value of African territories to other European countries.

Why did African resistance to European imperialism fail?

Because of the Europeans military power which were superior than those of africans

Why did early African resitance movements fail?

The Europeans had already explored various parts of Africa and had acquire vast knowledge of its terrain, its weaknessess and strenght. Therefore they knew how,where and when to attack Africa. Secondly, they used intriques by causing bitter rivalry between various African States,kingdoms and societies somuch so that by the time they struck no African kingdom was there to help another kingdom as they were left at the mercy of the European armies. Thirdly, various African states then, were using only bows and arrows which was never a match to the European gunboats,maxim guns and artillery. These largely explain why early African resistance movements failed.

Which was NOT a reason rinderpest limited African resistance to European colonization?

It increased the number of people sold into slavery. EdOptions c;

Give reason for the failure of African resistance against establishment of European colonial rule in south Africa?

Disunity among africa

What was the main purpose of the Berlin Conference?

the Berlin conference was held in order to decide how African territories would be split up among European nations.

Why did most European imperial powers show little resistance to letting their African colonies become independent?

Mainly because of world opinion .

What effect did the European borders have on African ethnic groups?

European borders were very disastrous for African countries. With no consideration for ethnic groups, many of these were split apart based on the boundaries. In addition, tribal enemies were put within the same territories, increasing the risk of warfare.

What did the African nationalist movements fight for?


Why were African resistance movements usually unsuccessful?

In 1905 , the belief suddenly arose that a magic water(maji-maji) sprinkled on their bodies would turn the Germans' bullets into water.

What has the author Tshologa Jacob Motswaledi written?

Tshologa Jacob Motswaledi has written: 'A life in moments' -- subject(s): African National Congress, Anti-apartheid movements, Biography, Government, Resistance to, Political activists, Political activity, Resistance to Government, Students

How did the introduction of European ways affect African societies?

European customs replaced native African customs

Mixed European and African ancestry?

people who have mixed European-African ancestries, and who are de-scribed as mulatto

Is Northwest Territories part of African country?

No, the Northwest Territories is a territory in Canada, a country in North America.

Why did African countries gain indepedence around the same time?

In World War 1, most countries in the world were territories of the western European nations. They took troops from these African and Asian nations and told them if they would fight for them, they would get their independence.

How did west African empires impact European trade?

African goods played an important role in European interests

What was the first European nation to traffic African slaves?

GermanyGermany was the first European country to traffic African slaves.

When did African Americans get their freedom?

after the civil right movements in the 1968

What was WEB DuBois part of?

He was part of the African American movements.

Strength of a hawk?

African or European?

How many European countries held African colonies by 1914?

7 European Countries were held African colonies by 1914.